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Stick Mode


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Jun 3, 2023
I have been practicing flying around my back yard at low altitude and slow speed C mode zig zagging through the tree trunks. I had it suggested to me to try without the sticks on the controller and I did. I like that way better. I’ll try without sticks in open field conditions at higher altitude and speed at another time. I’ll post back and tell you what I think on that.

As for stick mode, I’ve only used Mode 2 so far. Looking at Mode 1 setting, I think I might try that. It seems maybe having the forward / backward and turn left / right control under one thumb might simplify things now that I understand basic flight operations.

Am I missing anything here? Also, why does the app put Mode 2 as default? What modes do you all like and please tell me if you also use custom control settings and why.

Thanks, John
Mode 2 is what I use.

Some pilots may switch to a different mode if use to flying a real plane or a history of gaming where the controls may be similar.

I'm a "pincher" when flying for control and a "thumber" when just flying about.

In case you haven't heard the terms, a pincher uses the finger and thumb at the top of the joysticks.

A thumber rests the thumbs on top of the sticks.

Probably why the tops have a knurled construction for grip.

I flew a few times without the sticks and didn't care for it.

Enjoy your flights John with or without the sticks. :)

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Mode 3 guy here. Not sure why I prefer it, given that I fly FPV, but I can't stand Mode 1/2 on a camera drone.
I tried stick mode 1 and didn’t like it. I thought I would get a more omnidirectional control out of the left stick in mode 1 but that didn’t happen. Its back to mode 2 for me.
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