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Stop CrystalSky logging / uploading flight logs and data?


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Jul 24, 2018
Im thinking of getting a CrystalSky monitor because of continual problems with my old phones but I’d like to know if there’s any certain way to stop CS uploading all my flight logs etc to the DJI servers. I know it has no 3/4g capability but what happens when I connect it to my WiFi network to update it or get new maps etc?

Based in the UK btw..
What happens when you connect to WiFi? Nothing, except for a search for new FW and FlySafe DBs. Your logs aren't uploaded until you push the upload button.
Are you sure? One of the IT guys at work was playing around with his and using a packet sniffer on the connection. He said that there seemed to be a LOT of data traveling the other way even though he chose not to upload his logs.
I don’t really know much about this but he said that was definitely not a good thing!
DJI is notorious for logging a bunch of other things, which prompted a ban from the US military. That in turn prompted DJI to add an option to turn on Private mode on DJI Go 4 which cuts communication to the server. There should be a button somewhere for it.
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I thought it was in the user setting, privacy, but there’s nothing like that there! Any idea where that is?
DJI Pilot is the app that offer privacy and is installed on Crystal Sky by default.

But DJI Pilot doesnt have any of the flight modes just manual flight as well it was missing manual focus for the X5/X5R and missing the format of SSD for the X5R.
That’s interesting! I didn’t know that was available. Has anyone flown with this?
I run a custom / modded GO4 app on my CS which doesn't send any data anywhere.

I also never update the firmware, find a firmware that works for you and stick with it mate.
Thx Ping^Spike, Where is the app available from and does using it affect your warranty?
You can roll your own GO4 using open source tools found on the internet - which is probably all I'm allowed to say on this forum.

As for the warranty, sorry mate, no idea if it's affected or not. But knowing DJI then yes, it will probably void it :rolleyes:
If you root your CS and install the google play store you can install "No Root Firewall". In no root firewall set up a global filter for DJI's IP and port.

Likewise, you can block IP traffic from individual apps with no root firewall.

If you install your own DJI GO 4 app apk you can block all of DJI's apps
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