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Storing my mavic battery in a tent in a hot environment


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May 11, 2017
Hello guys,

This summer i'm going to South France and i want to bring my Mavic. The problem is that i don't know if my battery can handle the hot temperatures. The average weather forecast in South France is around 25-30 degrees celcius. We're going to be on a camping and i'm worried that it would be too hot in a tent to store my battery. I saw that i can safely store my battery between 22 and 28 degrees. Do you guys have tips to keep my battery cool enough to store? I had a cheap drone previous year with these 10 dollar 500 mah lipo's and that wasn't a problem at all. Should i be worried to damage my battery? If my battery would die because of the temeratures can it also happen when in flight, because otherwise i could deal with my broken battery and buy a new one after the vacation (at least a would have nice footage).

Kind regards,

Gustav Lassche
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You'll be fine. Just keep them out of direct sunlight and not inside of a hot car.
Thanks for your reply!

What is considered as a hot car? When the tent is in the sun it also can get around 40 degrees. Would this be dangerous?
Car temps can rise above 50 degrees. Don't leave them in a car parked in the sun.
Treat them as you would a pet.
Generally in a tent their is airflow and temps don't rise to high so you'll be fine but if you're concerned at all get one of those tiny chilly bins that are used for medical supplies and medicines and store them in that. It will hold about four batteries and keep them at a mean temp no matter what temp in tent.
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Yes I would store them in a cooler without any ice or cooling system just to keep the temp relatively constant. I live is subtropical QLD and our daytime temps in summer start at around 28°C by 9am climbing to low 30's over lunch and can stay over 30 into the early evening. I keep all my Lipo batts for my model aircraft in an insulated case to keep them from getting too hot.
I am currently travelling theough malaysia and indonesia with temperatures over 30 degrees celsius everyday. I have 3 batteries in total, no issues so far. :)
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