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Mini 4 Summer Canopy Glides - Petersfield Cricket Grounds


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Sep 13, 2018
South East, UK
Well, it's been a wonderful first week with the M4P in which I have learned to trust it sufficiently to have some confidence actually going out and getting some decent footage. And we're not quite there yet :) This time we are back in D-Log M having now found a way to make it work with nice'n'freebie DVR, but still struggling a bit with auto-ISO, I seem to have failed to lock the white brightness, so colour temp is a bit all over the place, it was highly contrasty sunset light and shadows, and what happened in the grade might not have been ideal, but overall pretty pleased with the way that footage came out, and more importantly, initially, the way the craft handled whilst getting it.

Taking advantage of the <250g rules it was nice to be able to get closer than 50m to people and buildings, and it felt very safe doing so - nor were any of the people (or birds) I met today remotely bothered that it was going on - it really is a very quiet and unobtrusive little flyer !

But anyway, decided to make a longer, narrated video, to test the workflow for combining headcam audio with aircraft footage, and so i could cover the setup to later make sure I wasn't missing anything terribly important.

Anyway, so if that doesn't sound too tedious, feel free to follow me into the sky with my first vaguely filmic excursion on the M4P, and enjoy my absolute ignorance of sport (I continually refer to badminton as tennis throughout this for example!), my inattentiveness to what the captions are doing in places, and some nice relaxing classical soundtrack stuff I wrote for a ballet last year.

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Good video!
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