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Sync flight logs to flight video


May 9, 2018
I am working on a project for a customer. My basic need: how to sync the flight logs to the flight video. Basically, I need to be able to replay the flight video simultaneously showing the recorded flight path. If there is a target object that needs inspection later, we can determine where it is based on the flight logs.
I understand that taking a picture "GPS stamps" the location it was taken. However, the inspector will most likely be using the video from the flight for target locations (locations that need to be inspected later). Target locations can be as small as a quarter. Vertical and horizontal inspections will be performed. Almost like inspecting a bridge....but not that industry.

I can probably cobble some applications together to make this work...but was wondering, from more experienced operators, what kind of solutions you might have found...and are willing to share with us?

If you know of a previous post, please point me to it.

Thanks all for any help!