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Tablet cable into side USB port or lower USB port?


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Sep 8, 2018
Folks, when using a tablet (iPad Air in this case) what is the difference (if any) in using a cable like the one below which plugs into the iPad and then into the side micro-usb port or using the standard iPhone lightning cable and plugging into the bottom USB port on the controller? Which is best or do they both achieve the same thing?

I always use the lower USB port. I have heard that the side port is not as robust and it can get a little sketchy and cause you to get drop outs. I initially had major problems (drop outs) with my first mavic. I switched to the lower port (and an Ipad mini) and never had another problem. I only use the side for charging.
They achieve the same thing. It just depends on whether you find one to be in the way or not.

USB-A to Lightning is likely to be easier to come by than microUSB to Lightning.
Due to lack of robustness in the side port i only use it for charging. Use the bottom port with my Android phone for flyong. Bought a short USB cable for this
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I only use the side port for flying and charging and have ever had an issue with my iPad.
Thanks guys, I'm going to stick with the bottom USB port then, I ordered two cables, one as in the picture in the first post which I'll keep as a spare and another 30cm Lightning to USB cable.
Observation over a couple of years on Mavic products.
Side port works well BUT if you break the tab off you may have problems getting it repaired.
Intermittent connection problems; there have been a LOT of problems resolved by shifting to the bottom USB port.
If you are using an IOS device and you are using an aftermarket cable the Anker brand IOS cables are MFI certified.
Another vote for using side port for charging only and bottom for phone/tablet video connection.
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Ik gebruik de zij-ingang voor het vliegen via mijn samsung (app GO4). Kan ik dan de onderste USB gebruiken voor een tweede scherm voor de luchtwaarnemer of de copiloot, en kan ik daarop een screenvideo opnemen op het 2°scherm? Ik vlieg met Mavic Air.
I thought I'd translate that:

I use the side entrance for flying via my samsung (app GO4). Can I then use the lower USB for a second screen for the air observer or the co-pilot, and can I record a screen video on the 2 ° screen? I fly with Mavic Air.

Answer: no. You can only use the side or the bottom, not both. The only way you can use both is if you connect a charger (or power bank) to the side port while using the bottom port for connecting to your phone/tablet.
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Dus cellphone en een tweede scherm zijn niet mogelijk. Ook niet met een splitkabel in de onderste usb-ingang. Ik bedoel 1X-usb naar 2X micro-usb?
Dus cellphone en een tweede scherm zijn niet mogelijk. Ook niet met een splitkabel in de onderste usb-ingang. Ik bedoel 1X-usb naar 2X micro-usb?

Correct - two screens are not possible to my knowledge on the Air, even if using two separate cables.

The different ports are more to facilitate greater device compatibility.

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