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There's a lot if people that are having problems with Apple and these new drones... I ordered an HTC Nexus 9, but there's no microSD card slot and it takes turning it off to actually gain any charge. :/

I would recommend an Android with a quad core processor to handle the intensity of the flight software with more efficiency.
I have been using my iPad mini 2 and my iPhone 6s with my new Mavic Pro 2 and had zero issues. Both devices are really only for flying drones and maybe taking video though
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I realize there are lots of tablet holders but wonder if they are generic or is there a tablet holder that is suggested for the Mavic 2 PRO? Thanks in advance!!
I just upgraded from an iPad mini 4 to an iPad 2018 9.7 inch because the mini 4 processor just couldn’t seem to handle the 4K footage from the MP2. Both devices work fine with the MP.
I also wanted to buy ipad mini 4 but a lot of people were reporting lags on this device so i will be buying ipad 2018 aswell.
What mount are you using for this tablet?
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MavMount 2.0 at the moment until the 3.0 arrives this week. The handles of the MP2 still fit but the upper ridge of the plate and the mating side on the RC are slightly different so the 2.0 doesn’t fit as well as I expect the 3.0 version will. But with 2.0 working so well on the MP, I will now have two setups and won’t have to swap things back-and-forth.
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I'm using my iPad Mini 2. For the most part it works fine. Make sure you dont collect cache and you will be fine. Only issue I have had is when the drone gets low on battery, sometimes I get a bit of lag.
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The only device I've successfully flown my Mavic 2 Pro with is my Kindle Fire HD10, as well as the Kindle Fire HD8.

I haven't had luck with my LG phone (LG G6) by the way.

I prefer to just use a long cable, sit on the ground, and fly with the tablet on my lap. Since the tablet is big it makes the controller mount awkward. I've had better luck with the HD10 than the HD8 FWIW.
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Amazon Prime users can probably try a 10" Fire and return it if it doesn't work well. While I haven't used an Amazon Fire with Mavic, I do use the smaller Fires for other uses. I would not but a 7" kindle for use with a DJI controller. It will probably work, but it won't be much nicer than a good smartphone with a superior screen.

Anyone have a guess if the upcoming 6.5" iPhone Xs will fit the controller without a mount? How do the plus size iPhones fit in the controller?
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Samsung Tab E doesn't seem to work, not even with the workaround of rebooting the Tab last which worked for the P3A.
I was looking at the Sammy Galaxy tab 3 or 4 as possibilities, but I can wait for that for sure.
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