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The Church

Wow! It looks like the one in Fallout :) Only before the atomic war.
Nice view and nice flying (I could never keep a balance to make a perfect circle)
This church resides in Ravenswood in Queensland and I originally had the Beatles Eleanor Rigby as the backing.
Did you immediately get a copyright infringement notification about Eleanor Rigby? I used "Hey Bulldog" for this video and Faceboog and YouTube both wanted me to take it down. I actually appealed it and got shot down again 14 days later. But, I still have my copy, just can't post it. .My very first video editing and I'm already a plagurist...HA.
No, I didn't use the Beatles tune when I posted because I knew it wouldn't fly. It was just a nice fit for the video.

I actually contested the decision with Facebook and YouTube, My defense was that I wasn't doing it for profit and I do own almost every Beatles album already... but they still shot me down.
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