The in's and out's of RTH?

Discussion in 'Mavic Pro Discussions' started by rabidhyena, Oct 28, 2016.

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    I should probably know better, being a reg flyer of a P3A, but reading the mavic manual has confused me a great deal regarding the different RTH functions. In particular in combo with the vision sensors.
    It keeps saying 'if the forward vision sensors are active' and I'm not sure if they always are by default (unless in sport mode).
    All I want to know is that if I lose signal or I press the RTH button, it will climb to my chosen RTH height and then use the forward vision sensors as a kind of backup in case I forgot about that church spire, and safely come home. Will this essentially be what it does if I don't mess around with the settings too much?
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    Oct 14, 2016
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    Yes vision is on by default. Check the settings, or SLOWLY fly towards a solid object and it will stop and start beeping at you. In RTH it will fly over an obstacle by default. But seriously check your settings, everything is pretty self explanatory in there.
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