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Tired of Adobe picking your pocket on Lightroom? Possible alternative promotion.


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Jun 21, 2020
Democratic Peoples Republic of Cook County
We already had an extensive thread on substitutes for Photoshop but we didn't delve into Lightroom much. I'd like to propose an alternative to Lightroom... On1 Raw. They have just announced On1Raw 2022 which will be available at the end of the month and are providing O1R 2021 in the interim.

To be honest I hadn't used it much as I do have a subscription to Photoshop and also own Capture One Pro. But I do also have a license for On1Raw that dates back to 2018 which I've managed to upgrade because of the cool things they introduce in each version. In one of the latest versions what really impressed me is their "AI" correction capability. For the most part you click on and image, click the AI button and 90% of the time you're done unless you want to get fancy. I confess I don't use it much, but when I do it is powerful.

As an example, over the weekend I shot some panos with my M2P and tried to stitch them together with Lightroom. It was ok but was a bigger struggle than I like and less than perfect results. I then tried the same thing in On1Raw 2020 and it was easier, more straight forward and a better result. I was then able to open it directly into Photoshop and put the finishing touches on it. One of the things I've always hated about Lightroom is that you have to import images into it before you can work on them. Not so in On1Raw.

And so I decided to upgrade once again. It was going to be $80 until I found a coupon... which knocked it down to $54 plus tax (why are they taxing software now???). I don't know how or why this code applied, but it knocked 20% off the price. The code is "NIKONRUMORS".

I'm about to install the 2021 version which is available right now, but the 2022 is promised by the end of September. I think it comes with some extra plug-ins. If you don't already own On1 Raw the basic cost (but they do have a subscription) is $99. If the 20% discount works that's only $80.

Here's the splash page for On1Raw for those that want to check it out: On1 Photo Raw info
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Jan 25, 2019
thanks for the discount code... worked perfect.... that code is actually better than getting it for free as they are also giving out some plug in goods worth $99... I think the software is due out in a couple of weeks now...

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