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Transfer log files directly from RC2 to Android smartphone

Droning on and on...

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Feb 11, 2018
Santa Cruz, CA
Has anyone done this? If so, how? I'd like to just plug a usbc cable between the two, and access the files on the RC2, as is done with a windows PC.

What mounting protocol does the RC2 use with windows? MTP? If so, anyone know of an MTP app for Android that allows connecting to and browsing an MTP device?

Thanks in advance to anyone that knows... I suspect no one's tried this, but had to ask...
Have you tried to plug in an OTG-adapter in the RC & in that plug in a cable to your phone & then just use the native file explorer in your Android phone to access the storage in the RC... it should come up as detachable storage drives there, making it possible to just copy or move file back & forth.

I use this method often to transfer files to my phone from various devices like action cams, small single micro SD card readers & quad flight controllers... haven't tried it with a RC2 though...
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Good suggestion, I'll give it a try. I was hoping for the same to occur with a C-to-C connection, but no dice.

Then I noticed the placement in the filesystem tree in some of the screenshots looks like a MTP mount, not a windows share, hence my questions about MTP.
Nope, a straight single cable connection between the devices nearly never work... you need an OTG adapter in between.

From a quick Google search...

You can do the following with an OTG cable:

  • Plug in keyboards and mouse to the mobile
  • Access USB sticks and external hard drives
  • Transfer photos directly from a compatible camera on to the phone
  • Connect smartphone directly to printer
  • Copy information from one device to another

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