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Use Assistant 2 instead of Go4 App to update


Dec 26, 2017
Just thought I would share a reason to use DJI Assistant 2 instead of using the App to update firmware on the AC and RC.

I recently bought an Air with the fly more combo. I updated everything through the GO4 app. Had my first flight the other night and noticed the AC acting kind of wierd. I manually started the motors and went straight up about 10 feet to let it hover. It floated about 2-3 feet forward from where I was hovering then it corrected itself and went back to the original point. No, there wasn't any wind! I flew it around for a few minutes and decided to land. I pulled back on the left stick after I brought it back and hovered 4' from the ground. It sat on the ground and the motors never shut off. It then lifted up again. After it lifted up I let off the stick and attempted to land again. It landed the second time like it should.

I decided to plug the AC into my laptop and the AC had the latest firmware. I decided to refresh it nyways. The RC had .000 which is not the latest firmware. The latest is .100. I haven't got to test it since all firmware is up to date since it has been raining the last couple of days.

I also just plugged into my Mavic Pro 1 which I bought 2 months ago and also updated through the app. I had the correct RC firmware but the AC was at .400-. The Pro seemed fine while flying without any issues. I decided to look at the Pro with A2 since the Air wasn't correct.

I just wanted to let everyone know you might want to use Assistant 2 to do your updates just to be safe.

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