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Will magic 2 work with crystalsky?

I've heard the mavmount for the Mavic Air is the same as the new Mac 2.
Mavmount I have fits Spark and MPP controllers. Surely DJI did not make the handles any smaller?

Guess once folks start getting them we will know.

I am hoping the polar pro mount will fit.

It took DJI about three weeks to get the Crystalsky sky to work with the P4 Vr2.

Paul C
The mavic air mount is slightly different from the Spark and MP. I had to get a new plate when I upgraded from the Spark. I read on another forum that the Mavic Air and Mavic 2 mounts are the same - but haven't got my M2 yet so can't confirm that.
Thanks for the info.

Paul C
Hmmmm- that is a darn good question- it should since it is dji and mp2 uses the same go4 software - but how about you ship me the MP2 drone - I will be pay for the shipping - since I am such a nice guy and I will do all the testing for you - once I am done I will upload all the video footage to you free of charge - but of course I keep the MP2 - sweet deal.
Nice dude - enjoy your beautiful drone...
The Crystalsky hasn’t had an update to support the Mavic 2 yet so that aircraft isn’t an option to pick in DJI Go 4 on it yet. Flew my 2 Pro for the first time today with my iPhone 8+ instead.
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I am really hoping this update will come soon ....
I find it kind of bizarre that DJI would not have the Crystal Sky completely compatible with any new drone on release day. That's kind of like Nikon making a new DSLR only, no Nikon lenses fit it. Hmmm, I have two Crystal Sky monitors and I can't imagine going back to using a dim phone or tablet. I keep wanting to buy an M2 and you guys keep giving me reasons not
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