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Wind issues....


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Jul 13, 2018
Burnsville, NC
I was just talking with another drone pilot and she relayed something that happened last weekend. The drone was not far from the home point, but the wind came up hard and actually blew the drone out of range. It went into RTH mode, but the wind was so hard that it couldn't overcome the wind speed. It eventually made it back home, but it took much longer than it should, and the battery was right at full discharge. I fully understand the dangers of wind, especially since I live in the mountains, but I was wondering about a related issue. As I understand it, the Mavic Pro will go into RTH at the reduced speed, even if I am flying in Sport mode. So if the wind is not too high for Sport mode, but higher than the normal mode, what happens?? Will the drone switch to the higher speed to overcome the wind speed, or just sit there and run down the battery?? Thanks.
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That's what I was assuming, but wanted to check. Just better hope it doesn't have to go into a Failsafe RTH, I guess!
There sure are a lot of ways to get into trouble with these gadgets!!:eek:
Make it a point to determine wind direction at take off. Fly into wind if possible on way out, I realize not always a possibility due to flight path. You will also get a warning from the drone that your current distance out is max to make a safe RTH. It's my understanding (may have this wrong) that is warning has input from the ESC motors as to how much power they are using. If flying into a lot of wind, this warning should be triggered sooner.

Also, if you see that you are having trouble, try bringing the drone down 100 feet or more if possible as winds always seem to be worse the higher up your are.

Paul C
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UAV Forecast is your friend. It tells you wind speed all the way up to 5000’.
I've been surprised that I get the "strong wind warning" on screen and that is with what I consider to be only a breeze. I wouldn't attempt to fly in strong wind. Maybe up at 100m around my place, being open country, it's stronger. Amazes me tho how well mavic copes with the fluctuations in "breeze" nearer the ground around home and is so stable - even using RTH and landing within 10cm of take off point.
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