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Welcome to the forum! There's not many of us up here in Estes. This is a tough time of year to be able to fly with the winter winds upon us.
Very new owner of a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Bought it to fly around the farm - when I go - and personal "fun". So please help when I ask silly questions ! Thanks
I like to share my unfortunate experiences here too, I crashed my DJI Mavic Plantinum in a dense forest and have not found it until now. Its been 3 months since then.

Can any one kind enough to help in giving some advice on how to locate it for me please.
Love the sign Barbara! Kind of like much of Michigan.
Michigan, not that far away from us... We spotted this sign at the entrance to one of our provincial parks.... Fair warning I guess.
Another Covid-19 "Lockdown" completed here in Victoria, Australia. 5 days just a waste of time for political purposes.
Bit like the man keeping elephants away from the town hall ..... how do you know its not working! If you don't see any it just proves how good he is!
I purchase a used Mavic Pro June 2020 still learning how to get grips with the technology using the DJI goggles and the Crystal Sky monitor. But find in flying the aircraft very thrilling, well was until uk lockdown and new regulations from 1st January 2021. So taking the A2CofC course and exam February
Hi everyone just joined up not new to drones i have several,i have more or less all the mavic series not flown much for a long time but i think it's time to start up again as soon as we come out of lock down not flown for about a year or so but have always kept my drones up to date with all the latest firmware updates it's nice to know i can get help if needed

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