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I'm just curious, did you end up replacing your board or did you fly with the broken connector, or both? I have a similar problem but my connector came clean off of the board. The ribbon was okay but the connector that held it on the board I feel came off way too easy. Not much pressure applied and the entire thing came completely off.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Can you confirm that the M2E self heating batteries are serviceable in the M2Z...this would be a game changer for me. I saw you mention this in a recent post but did not wish to hi jack that post.
Thank you. The Mavic Pro remote and Fly More Combo bag arrived in record time.

It was a pleasure buying from you; the transaction could not have been better.

Please let me know if there's a place on this forum to leave a positive feedback rating for a classifieds sale.

Again, thank you.
Hi, I'm also in Eureka off Augustine rd. Maybe we could meet up locally and talk about our Mavic air drones. I just received mine last November.
Tried flying at Jupiter beach yesterday but it was too windy for me. Better to be safe than safe.
Why in the world can I not get batteries for my mini. Very frustrated and disappointed in lack of information on next availability of the mini batteries. Any help would be much appreciated
Ken Heron has great suggestions for
FAA Drone Remote I.D. (How to DEFEAT IT) KEN HERON
Retired Cartographer, US Geological Survey
Live on northern edge of Ozarks near Rolla MO.
Interested newbie to Drones. Think it would be fun to lean to fly drones and playing photographer.
You've come to the right place. I have been flying a DJI Mavic Pro for over 1 year. It has the capability to make excellent video and still aerial photography which would be perfect for you. Read the reviews to decide what model and price point are right for you. I am very satisfied with my Mavic Pro.

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