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Acronyms & Abbreviations

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  • These are common abbreviations you'll find on Feel free to update or append as necessary. Message clackey if you have any questions or concerns.

    AC = Aircraft

    ADIZ = Air Defense Identification Zone (place where you propably need filing flight plan)

    AGL = Above Ground Level

    AMA = Academy of Model Aeronautics

    AMSL or MSL = Above Mean Sea Level

    AR = Assault Rifle

    ARTF = Almost Ready to Fly

    ASL = Above Sea Level

    ATC = Air Traffic Control

    ATTI = Attitude

    AUW = All Up Weight

    BeiDou = Chinese navigation satellite system.

    BIL = Brother In-Law

    BLM = Bureau of Land Management (US)

    BNF = Bind n Fly (transmitter)

    BTU = British Thermal Unit

    BLOS = Beyond Line of Sight

    BVLOS = Beyond Visual Line of Sight

    Cal= Calibration

    CA = Collision Avoidance

    CAA = Civil Aviation Authority (UK Regulator)

    CAAS = Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (Singapore Regulator)

    CBO - Community-Based Organizations (AMA, etc..)

    CL = Course Lock

    CSC = Combination Stick Command

    CW = Clock Wise

    CCW = Counter Clock Wise

    CCW = Concealed Carry Weapon

    DHK = Drone Hating Karen

    DJI = Da-Jiang Innovation

    ESC = Electronic Speed Controller

    EASA = European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EU Regulator)

    FAA = Federal Aviation Administration (US Regulator)

    FC = Flight Controller

    FPV = First Person View

    FRZ - Flight Restricted Zone

    FS = Failsafe

    FWIW = For What It’s Worth

    Galileo = European satellite navigation system

    GB = Gigabyte (unit of memory)

    GHz = Giga-hertz

    GLONASS = Global Navigation Satellite System (Russian Satellite Navigation System)

    GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS&Co)

    GPS = Global Positioning System

    HL = Home Lock

    HELI = Helicopter

    ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization

    IR = Internal Resistance
    IR = Infrared

    IOC = Intelligent Orientation Control

    IMU = Inertial Measurement Unit

    KSMD = Karen Shot My Drone

    LHCP = Left Hand Circular Polorized

    LiPo = Lithium-Polymer (battery)

    LOS = Line of Sight

    M2E = Mavic 2 Enterprise (Zoom)

    M2ED = Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual (IR)

    M2P = Mavic 2 Pro

    M2Z = Mavic 2 Zoom

    MA = Mavic Air

    MA2 = Mavic Air 2

    MC = Main Controller

    METAR = Meteorological Aerodrome Reports (current aviation weather report)/see TAF for forecast

    MM = Mavic Mini

    MM2 = Mavic Mini 2

    MOA = Military Operations Area

    MP = Mavic Pro

    MPP = Mavic Pro Platinum

    M2P = Mavic 2 Pro

    M2Z = Mavic 2 Zoom

    M3 = Mavic 3

    M3C = Mavic 3 Cine

    M3P Mini 3 Pro

    MHz = Mega-hertz

    MSL = Mean Sea Level

    NFZ = No Fly Zone

    Nicad = Nickel Cadmium

    NiMH = Nickel Metal Hydride (not hybrid)

    Nits = Unit of Brightness Equivalent to One Candle Light (Smart Controller brightness is 1000 Nits)

    NOTAM = Notice to Air Missions

    NPS = National Park Service (US)

    OA = Obstacle Avoidance

    OMM = Old Man Mavic (well-respected moderator)

    OP = Original Poster

    POI = Point of Interest

    RC = Remote Control

    RHCP = Right Hand Circular Polorized

    RPAS = Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

    RPIC = Remote Pilot In Charge

    RTF = Ready to fly

    RTG = Relative To Ground

    RTH = Return To Home

    RTM = Read The Manual

    Rx = Receiver

    SAR = Search and Rescue

    SC = Smart Controller

    SEND-IT!!! - just fly and have a blast/go for it

    SFRA = Special Flight Rules Area

    SM = Statute Miles

    SOC = State Of Charge

    SUA = Small Unmanned Aircraft (What the CAA call what we fly)

    SUSA = Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircaft (What the CAA call what we fly)

    sUAS = Small Unmanned Aircraft System (what the FAA calls what we fly)

    TAF = Terminal Area Forecast (aviation weather forecast)

    TB = Terabyte (unit of memory)

    TCCA = Transport Canada Civil Aviation (Canadian regulator)

    TFR = Temporary Flight Restriction

    TRUST = The Recreational UAS Safety Test (U.S. recreational drone license)

    Tx = Transmitter

    UAS = Unmanned Aircraft (/Aerial) System (includes UAV's remote control system)

    UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    VLOS = Visual Line of Sight

    VO = Visual Observer

    VRS = Vortex Ring State

    VTx = Video Transmitter

    VRx = Video Receiver

    VPS = Visual Positioning System

    WOT = Wide Open Throttle