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Acronyms & Abbreviations

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  • These are common abbreviations you'll find on Feel free to update or append as necessary. Message clackey if you have any questions or concerns.

    AC = Aircraft

    ADIZ = Air Defense Identification Zone (place where you propably need filing flight plan)

    AGL = Above Ground Level

    AMA = Academy of Model Aeronautics

    AMSL or MSL = Above Mean Sea Level

    AR = Augmented Reality

    ARTF or ARF = Almost Ready to Fly

    ASL = Above Sea Level

    ATC = Air Traffic Control

    ATL = Above Take-off Level

    ATTI = Attitude

    AUW = All Up Weight

    BeiDou = Chinese navigation satellite system.

    BIL = Brother In-Law

    BLM = Bureau of Land Management (US)

    BNF = Bind n Fly (transmitter)

    BTU = British Thermal Unit

    BLOS = Beyond Line of Sight

    BVLOS = Beyond Visual Line of Sight

    Cal= Calibration

    CA = Collision Avoidance

    CAA = Civil Aviation Authority (UK Regulator)

    CAAS = Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (Singapore Regulator)

    CASA = Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australian Regulator)

    CBO - Community-Based Organizations (AMA, etc..)

    CL = Course Lock

    CSC = Combination Stick Command

    CW = Clock Wise

    CCW = Counter Clock Wise

    CCW = Concealed Carry Weapon

    DHK = Drone Hating Karen

    DJI = Da-Jiang Innovation

    ESC = Electronic Speed Controller

    EASA = European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EU Regulator)

    FAA = Federal Aviation Administration (US Regulator)

    FC = Flight Controller

    FPV = First Person View

    FRZ - Flight Restricted Zone

    FS = Failsafe

    FWIW = For What It’s Worth

    Galileo = European satellite navigation system

    GB = Gigabyte (unit of memory)

    GHz = Giga-hertz

    GLONASS = Global Navigation Satellite System (Russian Satellite Navigation System)

    GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS&Co)

    GPS = Global Positioning System

    HL = Home Lock

    HELI = Helicopter

    ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization

    IR = Internal Resistance
    IR = Infrared

    IOC = Intelligent Orientation Control

    IMU = Inertial Measurement Unit

    KSMD = Karen Shot My Drone

    LHCP = Left Hand Circular Polorized

    LiPo = Lithium-Polymer (battery)

    LOS = Line of Sight

    MAVIC = Miniature Autonomous Vehicle w/ Intelligent Controller

    M2E = Mavic 2 Enterprise (Zoom)

    M2ED = Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual (IR)

    M2P = Mavic 2 Pro

    M2Z = Mavic 2 Zoom

    MA = Mavic Air

    MA2 = Mavic Air 2

    MC = Main Controller

    METAR = Meteorological Aerodrome Reports (current aviation weather report)/see TAF for forecast

    MM = Mavic Mini

    MM2 = Mavic Mini 2

    MOA = Military Operations Area

    MP = Mavic Pro

    MPP = Mavic Pro Platinum

    M2P = Mavic 2 Pro

    M2Z = Mavic 2 Zoom

    M3 = Mavic 3

    M3C = Mavic 3 Cine

    M3CL = Mavic 3 Classic

    M3P Mini 3 Pro

    MHz = Megahertz

    MSL = Mean Sea Level

    NFZ = No Fly Zone

    Nicad = Nickel Cadmium

    NiMH = Nickel Metal Hydride (not hybrid)

    Nits = Unit of Brightness Equivalent to One Candle Light (Smart Controller brightness is 1000 Nits)

    NOTAM = Notice to Air Missions

    NPS = National Park Service (US)

    OA = Obstacle Avoidance

    OMM = Old Man Mavic (well-respected moderator)

    OP = Original Poster

    POI = Point of Interest

    RC = Remote Control

    RHCP = Right Hand Circular Polorized

    RPAS = Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

    RPIC = Remote Pilot In Charge

    RTF = Ready to fly

    RTG = Relative To Ground

    RTH = Return To Home

    RTM = Read The Manual

    Rx = Receiver

    SAR = Search and Rescue

    SC = Smart Controller

    SDK = Software Development Kit

    SEND-IT!!! - just fly and have a blast/go for it

    SFRA = Special Flight Rules Area

    SM = Statute Miles

    SOC = State Of Charge

    SUA = Small Unmanned Aircraft (What the CAA call what we fly)

    SUSA = Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircaft (What the CAA call what we fly)

    sUAS = Small Unmanned Aircraft System (what the FAA calls what we fly)

    TAF = Terminal Area Forecast (aviation weather forecast)

    TB = Terabyte (unit of memory)

    TCCA = Transport Canada Civil Aviation (Canadian regulator)

    TFR = Temporary Flight Restriction

    TRUST = The Recreational UAS Safety Test (U.S. recreational drone license)

    Tx = Transmitter

    UAS = Unmanned Aircraft (/Aerial) System (includes UAV's remote control system)

    UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    VLOS = Visual Line of Sight

    VO = Visual Observer

    VRS = Vortex Ring State

    VTx = Video Transmitter

    VRx = Video Receiver

    VPS = Visual Positioning System

    WOT = Wide Open Throttle

    Because below is the FAA Acronyms List itself, that they published as the standardized list of acronyms they use, we can keep them in their direct alphabetized list here. Pasted below.

    AARAfter Action Review
    ACAdvisory Circular
    ACAISAircraft Certification Audit Information System
    ADAirworthiness Directive
    AFSOffice of Safety Standards of the Flight Standards Service
    AFXFlight Standards Service
    AIAAerospace Industries Association
    AIMECAIR Information Management Executive Committee
    AIOAIR Integrated Oversight
    AIRAircraft Certification Service
    ASKMEAviation Safety Knowledge Management Environment
    ASOApplicant Showing Only
    ASTARSAVS Staffing Tool and Reporting System
    ASTCAmended Supplemental Type Certificate
    ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
    ATCAmended Type Certificate
    AVDEXAviation Data Exchange
    AVSAviation Safety
    BASOOBoeing Aviation Safety Oversight Office
    BRASSBilateral Relationship Assurance and Standardization System
    BRMBilateral Relationship Management
    C & ECompliance and Enforcement
    C of ACertificate of Airworthiness
    CAACivil Aviation Authority
    CAPPCertification Authorities for Propulsion Products
    CASTCommercial Aviation Safety Team
    CASTLEConsolidated Automated System for Time and Labor Entry
    CITContinuous Improvement Team
    CMTCertificate Management Team
    COBCertification Oversight Board
    COSContinued Operational Safety
    CPGFAA & Industry Guide to Product Certification
    CPNCertification Project Notification
    CSIAVS Consistency and Standardization Initiative
    CSPComprehensive Strategic Plan
    DAHDesign Approval Holder
    DLTAIR's Division Leadership Team
    EISEnforcement Information System
    ELOSEquivalent Levels of Safety
    ETSOEuropean Technical Standard Order
    EWISElectrical Wiring Interconnect System
    FAAFederal Aviation Administration
    FPPSFederal Personnel and Payroll System
    FRRFCFinal Rule; Request for Comment
    GIDEPGovernment Industry Data Exchange Program
    ICAInstructions for Continued Airworthiness
    ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
    IIPIntegrated Implementation Plan
    LDRLabor Distribution Report
    LODATSO Letter of Design Approval
    LSALight Sport Aircraft
    MCAIMandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information
    MIDOManufacturing Inspection District Office Section
    MOAMemorandums of Agreement
    MoCMeans of Compliance
    NASNational Airspace System
    NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
    NPRMNotice of Proposed Rulemaking
    ODAOrganization Designation Authorization
    OHMOrganizational Health Monitoring
    PAHProduction Approval Holder
    PBOPerformance Based Oversight
    PCProduction Certificate
    PELProgram for Emerging Leaders
    PMAParts Manufacturer Approval
    PNLProject Notification Letter
    PSCPProject Specific Certification Plans
    PSPPartnership for Safety Plan
    RBDMRisk-based Decision Making
    RBRTRisk Based Resource Targeting
    RBRTaRisk-Based Resource Targeting Alternative
    RBRToRisk Based Resource Targeting for ODA
    RGLRegulatory Guidance Library
    RTCAA U.S. volunteer organization that develops consensus, technical guidance for FAA
    SAEThe Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.
    SAIBSpecial Airworthiness Information Bulletin
    SCSpecial Condition
    SFASpecial Flight Authorization
    SMSSafety Management System
    SNPRMSupplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
    SOC-ARCSafety Oversight and Certification Aviation Rulemaking Committee
    STCSupplemental Type Certificate
    TBDTo be determined
    TBTManagement Touch Base Teleconference
    TCType Certificate
    TIPTechnical Implementation Procedures
    TSOTechnical Standard Order
    UASUnmanned Aircraft System
    VDRPVoluntary Disclosure Reporting Program
    WTSWork Tracking System