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Recent content by Bramavic2

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    Mavic 2 in Maui

    This guy is always publishing videos from there: Dustin Dunnill
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    RTH - mountain flight

    500m is the max.
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    RTH - mountain flight

    I guess in an urban environment it might make more sense to move to the side. In mountains, the path will not be so clean. And you are assuming that you don't have video but have control of the drone. The thing is, you might have neither. In my case, when video was restored the drone was already...
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    RTH - mountain flight

    Yes, you have to set RTH altitude higher then the mountain peak. The added bonus is that once it climbs it will probably restore your connection, so you have to chance to cancel RTH and fly back yourself. Scary thing I can tell you. I've flow once around a mountain peak with a tower. I lost...
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    External monitor

    This guy shows how to fly dji go in a laptop using an android emulator. I guess it would be a dirty cheap way for having a big screen and multiple ways to share this screen over distance.
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    clean live transmission, lagged recorded video

    You are accessing the files from the drone itself via the USB cable or SD card, right? If that's the case I would try a new high speed SD card just to rule out problems there. This should not be happening. Most cases it is the other way around. The live video get truncated but the video...
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    Heading error!Advise needed !!

    You´re probably right. The phone I'm using actually has a compass, what it doesn't have is a gyroscope: Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) - Full phone specifications I wonder if that wouldn't important also. I know I can't use apps that require precise movements because of that, like 3d apps. It...
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    Heading error!Advise needed !!

    Very interesting. I'm using an old phone without compass. So it mean I won't have acurate headings. That's also an important information for choosing tablets, as cheap ones also don't have compass. But there´s probably some less accurate calculation going on, although I've noticed a couple...
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    how do you handle visibility of the phone screen in broad daylight ??

    I made something along the same lines for my phone, modifying a cheap 3d goggle. I got rid of the insides, purchased 5+ drugstore reading glasses (I already use reading glasses so you have to try yourself). You still need to extend the box anyways (i used some foam), according to the glasses...
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    As I said, not really. I use the two ports all the time, the bottom one for the mobile (android) and the top one for the powerbank simultaneously. It works all the time.
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    Not really. That works ok. The direction came from the dji site: "It is not recommended to charge the remote controller with a mobile power bank. This may damage the coulometer. Battery level readings for the remote controller may become incorrect, and the battery consumption speed may become...
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    Better Charger for Mavic 2,

    I tested my unit and it does indeed charge from the car 12v battery without the car on, so between 12 to 13 volts. Well bellow the DJI charger in the flymore kit. I haven't yet tried the 11v advertised, but no reason to doubt that.
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    It works, using controller and charging it at the same time, but people have pointed out that dji discourages this sort of use. But it find it odd, it you shouldn't charge it while using they wouldn't allow charging it with the controller on. As you said, if you don't charge it, it will...
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    Stopping the controller from charging my android device

    As @MavicPilotGermany stated it seems Samsung phones can indeed just turn charging off. I´ve seen a J7 phone user do that today.
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    Mavic 2 Pro Sensor Settings With DJI Pilot

    I'm also with the same problem, as I wanted to try mapping in a dji app (and I don't have an Ipad to use Ground Station). Any hints on the possible camera settings?