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Recent content by CDogg

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    I see so many guys posting and asking why their Mavic crashed

    Its not that it will stop a Mavic from crashing... But with time and everyone uploading flight logs to airdata. The process of predictive analyst can begin.. Imagine in time you get a notice from airdata that says. " previous Pilots have experienced cell number 3 failure on Battery # 2 within 2...
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    I see so many guys posting and asking why their Mavic crashed

    I see so many guys posting and asking why their Mavic crashed, or wont take off, or why this light is on.. And I'm wondering if everyone knows about this free resource. airdata.com I mean Its FREE. why would you not use it? If everyone did use it..the Posts would change from Why, to Hey Here is...
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    Move Aircraft or Calibrate Compass during flight

    Upload the KML file to google earth. And look around for large antenna array. Or AM radio tower. It's a long shot. But sounds like something is messing with the compass while in the air.
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    Hello from Olympia, Washington

    Hi Jason.. Im also from Olympia WA.. we need to get together and go flying.
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    AirData Syncing Problem

    Email Support [email protected] Tell em your situation..I know they will jump in and help.. Well, maybe tomorrow. they do sleep.lol
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    AirData Syncing Problem

    Ok back up. First did you go to the new login page on airdata? From there go to dji login. Here. Just watch this video. It's in here how to do it. I suspect you haven't used your dji login
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    AirData Syncing Problem

    Did you get this resolved? I found refreshing the webpage works. I realise it's kinda simple. But try that.
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    No more HD Sync for airdata

    Have you guys seen this yet? No more HD Sync app to upload flight logs .