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Recent content by czechmark

  1. czechmark

    Just another new guy from Oregon

    Welcome from New Jersey. I grew up in Mount Angel a long time ago. . . .
  2. czechmark

    Skin Pics Time!

  3. czechmark

    Hello from New Jersey

    Welcome from Hightstown - Exit 8 on the NJ TPK!
  4. czechmark

    Newark airport shut down in US due to drone sightings

    Can you provide an link regarding "The latest on this. . . ."?
  5. czechmark

    Order Ship Time USA

    My Mavic Pro shipped from the DJI warehouse in Georgia on 7/17 - arrived 7/19.
  6. czechmark

    Newbie Hello... From New Jersey

    Hope you enjoyed the Meet-Up Today! Regards, Paul O.
  7. czechmark

    Newbie Hello... From New Jersey

    Welcome from Exit 8 - Recommend you check out the drone groups on Meet-Up (We are what we do)
  8. czechmark

    Mavic Pro will not connect.

    When I use the RC mode, I start the AC First, then the RC, and finally the DJI Go 4 App. . . everything connects.
  9. czechmark

    Which device do you use?

    Both the X and the mini4 fit in the RC - the mini is a little snug, but functional. I use a Mavmount with a Hoodman screen shade on sunny days.
  10. czechmark

    Which device do you use?

    I have used both the iPhone X and the iPad mini4 with no issues so far. . . .
  11. czechmark

    Anyone else afraid to fly too high?

    You should contact STROBON Cree LED Strobe Light - Phantom Help
  12. czechmark

    Firmware 0400

    I received my new Mavic Pro on Thursday with Firmware Version 01.00.1000. I flew one flight and everything seemed ok except many of the photo options, such as 360 and 180 panoramas were missing. I upgraded to FW Version 01.04.0400 (both AC and RC) - calibrated my compass and downward sensor and...