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Recent content by Dennis_RV_Traveler

  1. Dennis_RV_Traveler

    Drone or tree trimmer?

    I think I would land that flame thrower drone with the flame thrower pointed AWAY from people :rolleyes:
  2. Dennis_RV_Traveler

    Pros or Cons using an iPad

    You can tell if an iPad has a cellular modem and GPS chip by looking at the back of the case at the top. Cellular/GPS iPads will have a black plastic rectangle near the top. That allows the cellular and GPS antenna to see outside of the case. If the case back is all metal, it does not have...
  3. Dennis_RV_Traveler

    Newbie to Mavic Air

    Hello everyone, I have been flying a Spark for about a year and a half and enjoying it. I picked up an AIR last week and look forward to using it as we travel the country in our motorhome. I have also been a powered and unpowered fixed wing RC pilot for over 30 years now. Not room in our...