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Recent content by DesertWindAero

  1. DesertWindAero

    There should be a sticky post of how not to lose it on the first day.

    You forgot the most important one: "Read the frikkin' manual." o_Oo_O There are some others: 1) Read and search these and other forums for problems that others have encountered and what the solutions are 2) Watch a crapload of YouTube videos...there's a LOT of great information out there...
  2. DesertWindAero

    Mavic Air - largest micro-SD

    If you checked the Mavic Air website, you would see that it is 128GB, which is what I use.
  3. DesertWindAero

    Tried most of the Mavic Air Quickshots today

    Nicely done, thanks!
  4. DesertWindAero

    Beware - Fake "DJI Official Store" on Amazon

    Aha, so the message about the fake was fake!!! Sorry for the post then...!
  5. DesertWindAero

    Beware - Fake "DJI Official Store" on Amazon

    H/T to dronedj.com... Buyer beware: don’t buy your DJI Mavic Air from the fake “DJI official store” on Amazon
  6. DesertWindAero


    Mine is being delivered tomorrow by FedEx by noon. I have to be home to sign for it though.
  7. DesertWindAero

    I bought one, did you?

    Slow and easy works just fine for me... :D
  8. DesertWindAero

    Mavic Pro features vs. Mavic Air?

    Practical? Or legal? There's a difference ;)
  9. DesertWindAero

    No LCD on controller = no backup flight data.

    Outside of pilot error, the real, no-poop failure rate on the Mavic seems to be pretty slim compared to the number of units that are in the air. I'd say you're missing out on the Mavic now...and, will be missing out on the Air if you continue your "no buy" decision. But, hey...that's your choice.
  10. DesertWindAero

    I bought one, did you?

    White FMP.
  11. DesertWindAero

    New Autel Robotics Drone

    If Autel doesn't send imagery and GPS flight track info back to their servers like DJI does, I'm sold.
  12. DesertWindAero

    Really awful footage

    Are you using a Micro SD card?
  13. DesertWindAero


    Coulda fooled me...you sounded quite butt-hurt...
  14. DesertWindAero

    Vinyl wraps

    I wrapped mine...but, it started peeling after a while. Maybe I'm just flying too fast? :D;)
  15. DesertWindAero

    New Albuquerque Pilot Checking In

    Welcome, TK...fellow NM guy here.