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Recent content by Faith_Granger

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    Shooting an epic music video and using my MAVIC PRO for some of cinematic shots. Shooting at 4K - 24P, footage looks great. For slow mo effect though, you have to select the 1920X1080 format and shoot in 60 or 94 fps. So I did. My footage came out pixelated. I have shot an entire docu with my...
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    Intelligent modes changing my filming settings?

    Still new at all this, but shooting a music video with my Mavic Pro, and going back and forth between normal mode, tripod mode, follow mode. I set-up my camera for manual control and auto focus. I set up my frame rate to 60 (because I am going to slow mo the footage in post), so I'm shooting in...
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    HELP! MAVIC crashes when I try to take off

    Kilrah I think you nailed it. I was finally able to take off by compensating the camera weight by the angle of the drone when it's sitting on the platform prior to take off. Once I reached a certain stationary "nose up" angle on my ramps, the drone was able to lift off. there is a little nose...
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    HELP! MAVIC crashes when I try to take off

    I forgot to answer your post.... Since the crash also occurs with the mock 'camera' (sock and weights) described above, I rule out that a network protocole on the camera is causing the crash. Cause socks don't have network protocole (as of yet LOL) Oh, and... What is "BT"??
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    HELP! MAVIC crashes when I try to take off

    I wonder... Should I angle the platform so that the drone sits on it with nose slightly up to compensate for the nose down that will occur once I initiate take off sequence? Could this work?
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    HELP! MAVIC crashes when I try to take off

    HERE IS MY REPLY TO ALL ABOVE POSTS: 1. Blades point to the sky?? No idea what you mean by that. 2. Platform not made of metal 3. As I said I did try to deactivate all sensors, same outcome. 4. Weight issue: That was my first thought too, so to test this I made a mock camera with a tiny sock...
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    HELP! MAVIC crashes when I try to take off

    Have a 360 VR drone shoot in 5 days and experiencing systematic crashes at take off!!! 1. Drone takes off just fine from the ground (every single time) 2. Once drone is on a U shape platform to elevate it from the ground, it crashes (we are going to attach a gear 360 VR camera to it for this...