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Recent content by Fat Bastard

  1. Fat Bastard

    Flying your Drone from a boat.

    Some good ideas here, some not so. The best, figure out the best locations to hand launch and catch from the boat while in harbor. Practice this with a person dedicated to help you with hand launch and catch. Second, buy a pair of those cotton gloves with the rubberized fingers. This will help...
  2. Fat Bastard

    Following Desert Waterfalls

    Arizona... Lot's of remote desert mountain ranges ("Sky Islands") combined with good rainfall.
  3. Fat Bastard

    Following Desert Waterfalls

    I agree 😜
  4. Fat Bastard

    Following Desert Waterfalls

  5. Fat Bastard

    Need Mavic drone advice for new operator in high wind use + fishing

    Just as drones have been declared to be illegal for hunters' advantage, so too should drones be declared illegal for the lazy fisherman.
  6. Fat Bastard

    Kickstarter Zing drone delivery service

    I've been wondering about this startup. They recently posted a new video going over their app that does not show an actual delivery and claims a Mavic can deliver a 2 to 3 pound payload (at 6:31 in the video). How long and how far can your Mavic Pro or Mavic 2 Pro fly with 2 extra pounds and a...
  7. Fat Bastard

    Can one improve your Mavic 2 flying skills? (Pinching vs. Thumbing)

    I started flying R/C sailplanes years ago using the thumb method. That transferred easily to quadcopters. I think, go with what works for you, but more importantly consistent practice with various scenarios and challenging yourself is what will make you a better drone operator.
  8. Fat Bastard

    Obstacle avoidance, on or off?

    Now it makes sense. I had no idea regarding this aspect of obstacle avoidance. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll have to go over the Mavic 2 manual again.
  9. Fat Bastard

    Obstacle avoidance, on or off?

    This makes no sense...
  10. Fat Bastard

    Obstacle avoidance, on or off?

    Just curious how many of you use obstacle avoidance during your flights? Personally, I have it turned off for nearly 100% of my flights. Why? because it interferes with landing on ships, flying over water, or when flying in close proximity to land-based objects like rocks, cliffs, large trees...
  11. Fat Bastard

    Height above private property?

    Thank you everyone for the informative comments! I've shared the relevant info/links on the neighborhood forum, but it seems the thread has gone silent. Hopefully now, more people are aware of the issues and know where to look for accurate information.
  12. Fat Bastard

    Ocean cleanup, a few shots...

    I used a Mavic 2 Pro. Most flights were within a km of the ship. I did one flight nearly 7kms out to get video of another research ship. Yeah, no worries about connectivity. If the wind was up it was more difficult to see debris. I would point the camera down just below the horizon, usually with...
  13. Fat Bastard

    Ocean cleanup, a few shots...

    Thank you and exactly!