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Recent content by Fizzbang

  1. Fizzbang

    Calibration freezes up

    This worked for me. Took out the SD card... Update worked. You could try: Format SD card before calibration. Shot in the dark really!
  2. Fizzbang

    Fly Away

    Just missed a hole in one.
  3. Fizzbang

    My first crack at DaVinci - my Mini footage turned to mush (with movement)

    Is it the original footage that is bad or only the davinci output? If the original is bad it could be the SD card is not good enough.
  4. Fizzbang

    Great short lightning cable for iPad Mini

    MYLBOO charge cable,0.2m 0.5m 1m 2m 3m/0.6FT 1.6FT 3FT 6FT 9FT Charger Cable 90 Degree USB cable (0.2M) Sold by SOCINY £5.99 Item Subtotal: £5.99 Postage & Packing: £0.00 Total: £5.99 Paid by Visa: £5.99
  5. Fizzbang

    UK Registration:

    I simply printed 8 copies in a word table on A4 paper. Printed the sheet out. Feed it through a laminator. Back and forth. Cut out, eight copies and used a heat gun to glue one label to the top of my MP2
  6. Fizzbang

    Mavic Mini, first flight, first scare!

    If you are going straight up, the drone aerials are vertical and above you? The controller aerials should parallel to the drone aerials not at 90 degrees to them. Since the onboard aerials are vertical and above, it is difficult to be parallel to them unless there is some horizontal distance...
  7. Fizzbang

    Lost connection and the M2P Drone

    Easy in hind sight. The log says 377.5ft from home. 377.5 ft = 115.06m measure a straight line twixt home and (drone last shown) Thats the same place as the yellow pin. Its a pity about the drone eating ferns.
  8. Fizzbang

    Assistant 2 for mavic pro 2 not working!!

    DanMan you have just confirmed what I have said and then dismissed it as a coincidence. I do concur that the sd card should not matter however to repeat myself. When connecting the mavic to a pc with the usb cable Assistant 2 would not recognise the drone. The firmware would not update or...
  9. Fizzbang

    Assistant 2 for mavic pro 2 not working!!

    When I was having Assistant 2 issues (not seeing the drone) I turned the drone off; took the SD card out; cleared and reformatted the SD card in a pc; put the card back in; connected the drone via usb cable; switched on the drone and the drone Mavic 2 was recognised when it was not before. It...