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Recent content by Fizzbang

  1. Fizzbang

    Lost connection and the M2P Drone

    Easy in hind sight. The log says 377.5ft from home. 377.5 ft = 115.06m measure a straight line twixt home and (drone last shown) Thats the same place as the yellow pin. Its a pity about the drone eating ferns.
  2. Fizzbang

    Assistant 2 for mavic pro 2 not working!!

    DanMan you have just confirmed what I have said and then dismissed it as a coincidence. I do concur that the sd card should not matter however to repeat myself. When connecting the mavic to a pc with the usb cable Assistant 2 would not recognise the drone. The firmware would not update or...
  3. Fizzbang

    Assistant 2 for mavic pro 2 not working!!

    When I was having Assistant 2 issues (not seeing the drone) I turned the drone off; took the SD card out; cleared and reformatted the SD card in a pc; put the card back in; connected the drone via usb cable; switched on the drone and the drone Mavic 2 was recognised when it was not before. It...