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Recent content by Johnny Diaz

  1. J

    Why I do believe there's a HUGE problem with the Mavic Mini - Flew AWAY the 2nd day

    You’re not the only one to lose your Mavic mini in a fly away, too bad you didn’t read about all the others who have experienced the same problem before buying. There has been quite a few. Sorry to hear about your loss, sometime the cheapest model isn’t the best, obviously.
  2. J

    Darken Display

    Got it fixed, that’s what it was camera settings, Mahalo to all for the help, you guys are great, Safe Flying, Aloha 🤙🏽
  3. J

    Darken Display

  4. J

    Darken Display

    Yes, just went flying today and screen was almost unseeable, crazy
  5. J

    Darken Display

    Can anybody tell me why when I log in to start flying my Mavic pro platinum my display goes dark, I don’t have this problem when I fly my phantom 4 only the Mavic, It’s not that my screen goes totally black it just gets darker and hard to see. Mahalo (Thanks)
  6. J

    Blurry picture

    Blurry picture, Can anyone help me with my Mavic pro platinum my pictures and videos seem to be coming out blurry is there a setting or something I need to do, I’ve cleaned the lens. Thanks
  7. J

    Front leg collapsed mid air, nearly cut off by back leg

    If you are not able to return it right away due to being on vacation I would contact DJI and make a record of you filing your complaint as close to the time as the incident just for your and their record. Good luck
  8. J

    Pro Platinum not so far.

    I have a Mavic pro platinum and I fly a mile easy, but I comfortably fly it no further than half mile.
  9. J

    Flew in a cool place and got yelled at for it.. Crazy Lady

    Some people are just naturally angry, she didn’t have to yell and carry-on, there’s a proper way to talk as adults, when you talk with respect you get better results. I just feel the yelling and carrying on was uncalled for.
  10. J


    When I’m flying and take pictures or movies is there anyway to capture the pictures or movies onto my phone that I’m using along with the SIM card?