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Recent content by LoveJoy

  1. LoveJoy

    Anybody on Instagram ? ADMIN EDIT: All Instagram here & only here.

    Check me out. I've gotten back on the flying tip as of late. It's been a 2 year hiatus but its a new era. Be sure to follow and I'll follow back.
  2. LoveJoy

    5 Quick Tips to Get Cinematic Drone Footages!

    Besides kinda not understanding him, all good points
  3. LoveJoy

    IG: The_Finest_381

    IG: The_Finest_381
  4. LoveJoy

    Travel with Lipo batteries advice

    I flew with my mavic in October. My camera bag came on board with me and no issues at all coming through security.
  5. LoveJoy

    Road Trip to Norway | 4K - My First Post

    That was on point. Just right in the time department as it gives a transition to all the different terrains and land features. Keep up the good work
  6. LoveJoy

    Whenever I take a picture, it's too small...

    Make sure when you shoot you have the drone in 16:9 aspect ratio for the biggest picture and resolution.
  7. LoveJoy

    Pictures from Mavic Pro

    You might have to downgrade to the previous firmware and then try it again. As far the gallery you can save the pictures from the Go App into your gallery.
  8. LoveJoy

    Medical deliveries are being tested in Europe

    I think this is a great idea. We need people to use those video game skills for a good purpose.
  9. LoveJoy

    Mavic Pro Platinum Leaked!

    10 bucks vs. 1400 10 will always win
  10. LoveJoy

    Drones in Emergency Response

    I've been trying to find out how to use my drone to help with the relief effort
  11. LoveJoy

    Mavic Pro Platinum Leaked!

    I'll spend the 10 bucks on the new props. That P4P matte grey is tasty looking though, well played DJi
  12. LoveJoy

    Choppy Facebook live video stream

    Probably the highest bit rate
  13. LoveJoy

    So I started a Drone Service: OmniDrone Aerial Video & Photography

    Everything listed above is being put into action across the world. Its a good thing to see technology not being put down as a "nuisance" and being embraced by the future.
  14. LoveJoy

    Choppy Facebook live video stream

    Check your upload mbps rate in the settings
  15. LoveJoy

    Buying a DJI Mavic Pro

    Buy the fly more combo. I bought mine from B&H here in NY. I've bought the landing gear ($5-10) to raise the Mavic up off the ground. I've heard the goggles are 50/50, so that $400 that you've gotta decide on.