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Recent content by m0nk3y

  1. m0nk3y

    Mavic Mini - Winner or what?

    Has anyone seen some good comparison reviews between the Air and the MM? I've always thought it weird that they are often comparing it to the spark when it seems to offer much more bang for its buck. I'm not a huge fan of the enhanced wifi connection - has always seemed to be choppy at the worst...
  2. m0nk3y

    Recommendation for Video Editing Software or App?

    I use quik and splice apps from GoPro. They can automate a lot of difficult parts and come up with class clips with music.
  3. m0nk3y

    DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (Just Released)

    I'm not sure where the 40% number came from. Website says 60% (4db) reduction in noise. I imagine maybe putting the props on the original mavic will be slightly less of an improvement, but will still be nice I'm sure.
  4. m0nk3y

    Members YouTube channel's ( ONLY POST LINK NOTHING ELSE )

    Here is my youtube drone playlist. Let me know what you think. DJI Mavic Drone - YouTube
  5. m0nk3y

    Post your best Photo From Mavic

    This one was taken near my compound. Just love the energy from the lighting on the construction site. Is still one of my favourite photos taken at night. Still working on increasing the strength of the blacks in the image.
  6. m0nk3y

    ND Filters Best Video and Camera Setting - Need Help

    I'm only just marginally more knowledgeable than you about how to use them, but I did find this YouTube clip very helpful and clear. The key take away is that by reducing the light reaching the camera, you allow the 'magic' amount of motion blur to be captured on each image (the double the...
  7. m0nk3y

    Flying drone in China?

    I live in Shanghai. Main issue is the constant adjusting of the airport NFZs. The DJI Go app keeps that all under control. Max height is legally 120m anywhere, some places the DJI Go app enforces that (e.g. near the airport NFZ) other places they cleanse themselves of any responsibility. As...
  8. m0nk3y

    ND Filters Best Video and Camera Setting - Need Help

    The best advice I found to follow was use manual settings for the shutter speed (2x frame rate) so I normally shoot 25 frames a second and run my shutter speed at 50. Then the ev setting is my indication for whether I need an ND filter or not. If the ev setting in manual is displaying a negative...