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Recent content by Malek

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    First timer - Mavic Air or Pro 2

    I have both the M2P & MA, Go for the M2P
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    Moverio BT 300 glasses and prescription lenses.

    I have the same problem as yours but I love the BT-300’s it is very clear, and it is a completely different experience, Just Fantastic.
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    Anyone ever return a drone to amazon?

    I have spent thousands of dollars through buying from amazon, never had any problem with my returns, all my purchases “everything, not just drone drone products”, are from AMAZON. They are the Best. As for DJI, costumer surface was not that great, starting with my Phantom 2 ........ Mavic 2 Pro...
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    Can anyone talk me out of buying BT-300 glasses

    I used the BT-200 “Not Supported by Epson any more” for the first time with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, it was fantastic, it is very hard to describe the improvement in flying and enjoying any Drone, then I got the BT-300, for my Mavic Air and Mavic 2 Pro, what an experience it is to use them…Go...
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    Can anyone talk me out of buying BT-300 glasses

    I have both the BT- 200 and BT-300 glasses, they are great, I recommend the BT-300, the flying experience is fantastic, it is a lot better than using any phone or tablet, the only issue is the lack of documentation, Videos from both Epson and DJI, if you can afford the high price, you will love it