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Recent content by Maskuleva

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    Six Year Old Boy Found By A Drone In My Area!

    In Sweden we have a voluntary group, Swedish Rescue Drones, with more than 900 members all over the country and we participate in searching after missing people. We cooperate with the Missing People.
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    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 23

    I think that DaVinci Resolve 16, free version, will handle it.
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    DNxHD or ProRes for video production

    You can convert the H265 file to H264 with the free program Handbrake.
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    Which of these 2 Modes do you use most often ?

    When filming at low altitudes < 10 meters I always use Tripod that give nicer scenes. Also at landing in tight surroundings then I always use/switch over to Tripod. At higher altitude and when I´m trying to follow anything in movement I go for Cinematic mode.
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    Do I really need ND filters ?

    My recommendation is that you should start in the Beginner mode. Next step you should choose is Tripod mode. This mode is perfect for filming at low altitude and reduce space. The film in Tripod is always very smooth and nice to look at. When you are in higher altitude then movement of the drone...
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    Norway Rules

    Norway is a good country for drone flyings. I have attached the offical link for the rules in Norway. The situation is the same in Sweden as well. https://luftfartstilsynet.no/en/
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    Programs you use in Post Processing?

    I have been video amatuer for many years now and I´m using Adobe Premiere Elements. In my opinion that program should fulfill your needs for a reasonable price.