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Recent content by Okie

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    Anyone else?

    Have to wonder why they still haven't posted the Logs
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    Mavic Pro with 2 additional Batteries $849

    that's a great deal.
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    Hey all, I’m looking to purchase a new Mavic soon, but was wondering if there was any suggestions on where to fly them, I live in Worcester so we have to deal with the airport. I don’t mind driving as long as it’s a good place to fly. Appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks
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    Mavic Air or Mavic Pro

    Christmas is right around the corner, they could surprise us all with another big announcement
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    Mavic Air or Mavic Pro

    Yea something along those lines lol. I was thinking maybe skip the fly more for a little while until I get comfortable flying it
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    Mavic Air or Mavic Pro

    Yea that’s what I’m thinking too, just worried about them releasing. Newer Air that’s even better. Lol we can never win.
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    Mavic Air or Mavic Pro

    As much as I would like the Mavic 2 Pro I don’t think I’m ready to spend that much, I want to fly more package and that would bring the price tag to about $1800 and I can justify that yet. They all sound great nd each seems to do little more than the one before, it’s similar to buying a call...
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    Mavic Air or Mavic Pro

    Thanks, not to sure yet, would like to fly around my neighborhood to start and then hopefully beyond once I get more experienced.
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    Mavic Air or Mavic Pro

    Thanks, my manager tried the spark before settling on the pro because he didn’t like the WiFi connection, said he couldn’t get a good flight distance. I believe the spark and Air use the same connection, please correct me if I’m mistaken. Thanks
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    Mavic Air or Mavic Pro

    looking to purchase a Mavic, with the fly more package. The local BestBuy has the original Mavic Pro wirh the fly more package available for $1019.00 (US) and they also have the Mavic Air with the fly more package available for $999.00. I’ve been doing research for the past few weeks trying...
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    Rest in pieces Mavic Pro

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Drone saves a drone

    Pretty cool