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Recent content by Rocky43

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    Visit to Thailand last week.

    Took a motorbike trip along the Mae Hong Son Loop in Chiang Mai.
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    Mavic Pro thru the rain

    Is your drone still ok after this rain shower ?
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    Caught in drizzle with bird and controller wet?

    Got caught in a drizzle and moderate rain suddenly while out flying. Bird and controller is wet but I managed to get it back before it got any heavier. Is the MPP water resistant ?
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    iOS 13 and DJI app

    Any bugs ?
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    Question about altitude zones

    Well in my country our housing blocks are close to 200m high. Very packed urban environment.
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    Question about altitude zones

    Let’s say I’m launching from a building that is 200m within the 150m altitude zone. Will my drone even fly at all?
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    M2Z - Stop Motor Method - Newbie worried!

    Glad to have seen this! So if i set my Mavic to for use in emergencies only, I won't have to worry about hitting the CSC combi mid flight? Did about almost 200 flights already and i never really bothered about this setting until now.
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    Keeping Mavic battery at 50-60%

    How often should i charge it up and fly it ?
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    Remote controller connection error

    You're using an Android to fly right?
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    Remote controller connection error

    Are you using the latest app or an outdated app? I have a feeling maybe its DJI's way to "get" us to update the app.
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    Remote control disconnected error in app (Android)

    Ok, got this weird error when I was flying like almost a 1km out. I panicked and frantically restarted the controller. Of course the drone went into RTH mode asap. Thought it was the micro usb cable that came with the package. So, i used an Anker USB C cable again. Flew great for 1-2 flights...
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    Google Pixel 2 Compatibility?

    And use a USB cable instead of the one DJI provides.
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    Weird Gimbal Problem Mid Flight ?

    So I experienced something like this, same as this guy mid flight. It so happened when I started recording in PAL. Usually I record in NTSC and never faced this. Is it a bug in PAL or?
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    Battery Firmware update message ?

    The Pro Plat. So i should be safe yes? I assume the battery and the aircraft's firmware has to match? First time getting this message on my android device. Didn't see this at all on my iOS.
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    Battery Firmware update message ?

    Just changed from using an iOS device to an Android device to fly. Saw this inconsistent firmware update message and I proceeded to update. Turned out it was for the battery. Will it affect my flying in anyway ?