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Recent content by Ron Hervey

  1. Ron Hervey

    My Zoom flew away

    This is exactly why I joined this forum. And due to the great info in this thread the OP had a favorable result that otherwise could have been a total loss. Great work guys!
  2. Ron Hervey

    Anyone Else See This?

    Mysterious drones have been flying over Colorado and Nebraska in recent weeks and authorities can't figure out who's behind the aircraft. Drones flying in rural Colorado and Nebraska have residents freaking out. No one knows who's behind them
  3. Ron Hervey

    Newbie from Arizona

    Welcome to the forum. Originally from Arizona myself (Bisbee) but have been in Texas for 30 years now.
  4. Ron Hervey

    Greetings from Colorado

    Welcome. I lived in Colorado Springs for about two years earlier in my life. You have some beautiful country to capture footage with your drone.
  5. Ron Hervey

    Pays Beaunois (France)

    Outstanding! Great job.
  6. Ron Hervey

    Drone Delivery

    Great info. Thanks for posting.
  7. Ron Hervey

    Drone Delivery

    Please forgive me if this is the wrong section. An article today on USA Today said that Walgreens will soon be delivering some items by drone in Virginia soon. I have read in the past that Amazon and Walmart are also working to develop drone delivery. Wouldn't they have to fly by the same rules...
  8. Ron Hervey

    Delivered Without SD Card

    Thanks for the info!
  9. Ron Hervey

    Delivered Without SD Card

    Thanks for the info.
  10. Ron Hervey

    Delivered Without SD Card

    If this is not the correct topic area, please let me know. I received my Mavic Pro Platinum yesterday. I purchased the drone straight from the DJI website. Drone was shipped out of Georgia. While inspecting the drone when unboxing, I noticed that there was no micro SD card inserted in the drone...
  11. Ron Hervey

    Greetings from North Texas

    Yes. My father worked in copper mines for 30 years. We moved to Texas after he retired. The mines in Bisbee closed shortly after that.
  12. Ron Hervey

    Greetings from North Texas

    Arizona! I was born and raised in Bisbee, Arizona. Moved to Texas when I was 15.
  13. Ron Hervey

    Greetings from North Texas

    My Mavic Pro Platinum is scheduled to be delivered today. Can't wait! I have been planning on purchasing a drone for over 6 months now, but just now found the finances. Really happy that I found this group. Tons of great info. I'm sure I will be active on these boards.