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Recent content by Scottalmas

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    Amazing!! Using Google Earth for 3D view of Litchi Waypoint Missions

    Sure. I am going to play with some of the suggestions above today, but the very simple thing I tripped over was this: 1. After creating your mission in Mission Hub, click "MISSIONS" 2. Select "Export as MKL 3D Path" and make note of where the file was downloaded to (likely your "Downloads"...
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    Amazing!! Using Google Earth for 3D view of Litchi Waypoint Missions

    I stumbled across a great tool today that allows you to see your Litchi Waypoint missions in 3d to confirm that your mission will clear obstacles. It turns out that you can download your Missions at 3D KML paths and then that file as a Project into Google Earth ( to see the...
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    Attach a fpv camera / goggles to mavic mini

    I"ve done FPV with my Spark and Mavic Air using Litchi and Google Daydream View 2 with my iPhone 7. If DJI ever release the SDK so that Litchi can get onboard with the Mini, this could be a very cost effective option for tinkering with FPV
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    Couple of experimental photos with ND Filter

    I too am new to ND filters but my understanding is that, for still photos, they help reduce glare and overexposure in sunny conditions (sunglasses for your camera).
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    Congratulations to everyone that has been pining away for drone delivery services

    Let's not forget all of the truck drivers that will lose their jobs to delivery drones. This is such a lose/lose situation for everyone except the Amazon.coms of this world. Ugh.
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    Advice from you photographers

    I am sure you've seen tons of size comparison pictures of the different DJI Mavics. Here's mine from my Mavics. The Mavic 2 is substantially bigger and heavier than the Mavic Air. My recommendation is, if he's serious about photography and interested in learning about drones, get started with...
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    There is hope for Active Track on MM

    If the Tello can do Follow Me with a $3 app, why can’t the Mini get Active Track?
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    Mini and Anafi anyone got both?

    I have both Anafi and Mini. Anafi is the better drone. Way more features. Way better in the wind. More portable as it can be flown by phone only if you want. FPV, Follow me and Plight Plans without purchasing Litchi. Camera shoots straight up. Quieter. More camera control. Zoom. With that...
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    Hello from Upstate NY (Capital Region), USA

    Amazing video. Nicely done sir!
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    Hello from Upstate NY (Capital Region), USA

    Howdy Neighbor. I am in Nisky and work in Schenectady. I’ve got a Tello, Mini, Spark, Mavic Air, and Parrot Anafi and have had other nonDJI drones. I will PM you with my contact info if you want to call me and we can talk through my experiences to help make a recommendation. Be safe and have...
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    Flying Mavic Air

    My understanding is that the prohibition is you cannot take off and land within the park but the National Park Service has no jurisdiction over the airspace above the park. So as long as you launch and land outside the park boundaries and maintain VLOS,you should be OK...
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    Largest cruise ship + idiot

    What time is Evening Civil Twilight in Miami that you’re launching at 9:15pm?
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    Mavic Mini, Good/Bad???

    I don't think of the Mini being a "beginner" drone. I think it got it's name as much from its size as it is a Minimalist drone. I think it would be like calling a Beretta Nano a "Beginner Gun." Yup, it's small, but just as dangerous to the owner and the public as a full sized handgun if you...
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    I'm afraid to fly mavic mini

    Here's a tip: During your flight be extra mindful of where an emergency set down area may be other than where you began your flight. That area will change during your flight. If things get scary, resist the urge to hit RTH. Don't try and fight the wind. Go to your closest emergency landing...
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    Hard to find work

    I borrowed it from John DiJulius He gets the credit. Google him.