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Recent content by Scottalmas

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    Why In The World Did You Get A Drone?

    State/Country: New York, USA Drone Type(s): Mavic Air, Spark, Tello, Parrot Anafi How long Flying: 1 Year 107? : No Why???: Originally, it was to autonomously record my wedding procession as there would be no other way to get video of me and my bride walking up the 18th fairway towards our...
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    Owner's ID details on drone?

    I have a label maker and used clear label tape
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    Flying in the "Red" zone...

    I should have added that I fly the Spark and MA no higher than 15 or 20 feet high on the golf course. It's for selfies with friends and Active Track while playing a hole. The quad never gets anywhere near being a risk to any true aircraft (which is why the application of the geographic...
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    POLL: How much will the Mavic Mini cost?

    I am a little relieved, actually, that the Mavic Mini is fake. I would have had a hard time resisting the urge to buy it, and a harder time yet of explaining to my very loving and supportive wife why I need to add that to a fleet consisting of a Parrot Anafi, Mavic Air, Spark and Tello. :-)
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    Flying in the "Red" zone...

    My golf club is very near an airport and had the same thing happen to me the first time I tried to use my Spark with my phone connected (I had no trouble with my first few flights using Gesture Mode without a phone -- it was only after I tried to use my controller and phone connected did the...
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    "Remote controller connection error"

    Is the AC marked with the FAA Registration number? I wonder if someone at the FAA could run that down?
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    What part of Upstate do you live in? I'm in Niskayuna. My wife grew up in Mayfield on the...

    What part of Upstate do you live in? I'm in Niskayuna. My wife grew up in Mayfield on the Sacandaga.
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    Best usb c and shortest to use with RC

    I have these and they work well: Amazon.com: USB Type C Cable, iSeekerKit Short 1ft Type C (USB C) to USB A Cable Compatible Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, LG G6, Nexus 6P, Nintendo Switch, USB C Devices: Cell Phones & Accessories
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    Hello from upstate New York

    My amazing wife surprised me yesterday with a Mavic Air Fly More combo as an early birthday present. I have wanted one for a quite a while. I already fly a Spark, Anafi and Tello so it is an overwhelming expression of love for her to do that for me. So blessed.
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    First scare with Mavic Air

    Regarding its flight path back, I think that the return to home follows the route backwards that you flew it out.