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Recent content by shane8289

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    THIS is why the Air 2 is better than the M2 Pro for video!

    Heres MP2 D-LOG I made for fun, no real point aside from pushing the sensor to the limits. Its not sunset rather before the sunset its more of a direct sun into camera and testing DR in dark areas very hard light to work with its where 10bit D-LOG shines. This type of video id like to see from...
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    Mavic 3 Pro

    Flying and controlling gimbal In all direction would take a woman with high multitasking capabilities + miracle, you can already control gimbal on MP2 however you want with the touch screen on phone, what makes it difficult is single person flying and doing so unless you have 3 hands or dumb...
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    Mavic 3 Pro

    Zoom is still great drone with optical zoom advantage but realistically speaking AIR2 IMO is better buy as of now price/value and zoom should be basically worth enough to sell it and get FMC AIR2 without loss of money or perhaps tiny bit adding, if you got FMC + smart controller then its worth...
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    Mavic 3 Pro

    MA2 is threat only to non pro users in a way who don't take advantage of 1" sensor, variable aperture, D-LOG, HLG in 10 bit, there's simply no comparison between 8 and 10 bit among other things, those are main selling points of MP2 might even add more functional joystic with like 7 more...
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    Best 3 manouvres for videoing a wedding

    This is how i use drone most of the time for weddings. Very different style from U.S. since we don't have speeches.
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    Looking to hire someone to edit for me.

    Hello @Range Aerial , I'm willing to edit for you both video and photo, both are my profession and that is what I do for a living. Here's my instagram where you can see small part of how I do it, also included on a page real estate ( its actually my profession lol ) P.s. all the content on...
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    Longest Time lapse with M2P?

    The hyperlapse are actually not 1080 ( yes if you use automatically generated) they're after stabilizing in post process manually made at 5.5k ...quiet more powerful for video editing as well. Here's mine at 5.5k and it's a great addition to a video that 4k video cannot reproduce. Here's in...
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    Anybody on Instagram ? ADMIN EDIT: All Instagram here & only here.

    Here's mine:
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    Anyone using the S9+ for Mavic Pro?

    I'm using it with the MA, so far zero issues.
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    Mavic Air 4kms out - Almost lost her

    The longest 1% ever lol
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    Is anyone flying with Samsung Note 8?

    Better get s9+, it's better then note 8 in basically everything unless the pen is a must have.
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    Professional and Detailed Comparison - Air vs. Pro

    To each their own, for me it's No.1 importance therefore kept the Air instead of pro, however in hoping new mavic will get 1" sensor from p4 or else I'll be pushed to get info phantom series which I don't want Q.Q
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    Professional and Detailed Comparison - Air vs. Pro

    If the only difference for the camera was the focus i would stayed with the Pro ;)
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    Post your best Photo From Mavic

    My instagram: Sava Milakov (@s_a_v_a.m.__pho_t_0_g_raphy__) • Instagram photos and videos
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    Professional and Detailed Comparison - Air vs. Pro

    And better obstacle avoidance + camera aren't upgrade to Pro ? Lol .... The only real advantage of pro if we're to fly by the rules is the battery life and that's the end of it. To me camera is number one importance so are you telling me Pro ( which i flew btw ) is better for me because of...