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Recent content by Solidjake

  1. Solidjake

    Flushing Meadows Park/Lake - NYC

    Enjoy :)
  2. Solidjake

    New TSA Regulations:If your taking your MP on a flight in the US, better get to the airport early.

    CBP Global Entry is what you guys should get if you are looking to get TSA pre-check. It's $100 for 5 years but you get Global Entry (kiosk in customs for international arrivals) PLUS TSA pre-check which by itself is $85. If I didn't have pre-check I would probably have about 5/6 bins
  3. Solidjake

    Fire Dept Mavic graphics

    That is incredible... . Reminds me of how Martino Auto Concepts put the fire dept decals/color on a Lambo for the Glen Cove FD
  4. Solidjake

    Hello from NYC

    What's going on guys. Jake from Queens, NY. Certified airframe/powerplant mechanic, aircraft dispatcher and remote pilot. Working for an airline as well. Received my Mavic fly more combo the other day and I was able to go fly briefly for a bit and make a quick vid. Purchased the prop...