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Recent content by Vustadumas

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    USA Max Flight Altitude

    So Is this DJI covering their own *** when adjusting altitude beyond what they themselves state as US local law or regulation? I’ve yet to mess with flying higher than 400’. As always, best situational judgment should prevail.
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    A California Christmas

    Yeah, I don’t want to be that guy that ruins it for everyone else, hah.
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    A California Christmas

    Thanks, AMann! I used the B4UFly app and DroneBuddy to find safe spots and overlaps off PCH. I stayed away from San Simeon and SLO. Morro Bay, I agree I shouldn’t have flown there after double checking the apps. I’ll be more diligent next flights.
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    A California Christmas

    Hey everyone! I've had my Mavic Air for a month now, and was able to capture some footage during our trip up and down California. Had a blast!