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    Anyone else have this issue? (Smart controller no video feed from drone)

    I just tried this scenario again this morning with positive success. I think #3 means powering up the SC and then wait for the DJI screen to boot up. #4 would be engage the AC through the AP.
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    Anyone else have this issue? (Smart controller no video feed from drone)

    Same issue this also seems to work for me
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome from canandaigua
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    Smart Controller update V01.00.0650

    I apologize I did not notice that you did not have a PC. I don’t think it’s possible without a PC, Maybe a MAC might work as well.
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    Smart Controller update V01.00.0650

    I believe you need to use the DJI assistant on your PC it can be downloaded on the DJI sire.
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    New to the drone scene. Excited to get flying!

    Welcome to a great forum
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    Aircraft storage insufficient

    The only thing I can think of is you might be trying to access the internal storage on the drone, not the SD card?
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    Noob Question!

    Definitely master dji4 first
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    Anyone here who flew the Spark first (or still flies the Spark also)?

    Started with the spark (it was a present) then quickly got my 107 and a Mavic zoom. I still fly the spark, it’s quick to get up in the air.
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    Flying with iPad mini

    No problem with tight fit here. Screen could be brighter though
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    Smart controller

    Is the smart controllers display bright enough to where no hood is necessary?
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    First time Drone Pilot Mavic 2 Pro

    This forum and DJIs forum are helpful too. There are other forums out there as well
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    Dj4 editor

    I’ve noticed several times that the dj4 ap editor doesn’t always reflect the current number of photos that are on the SD card. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve synced but it makes no difference. Always seems to be missing one.