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Recent content by W2csa

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    First time Drone Pilot Mavic 2 Pro

    This forum and DJIs forum are helpful too. There are other forums out there as well
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    Dj4 editor

    I’ve noticed several times that the dj4 ap editor doesn’t always reflect the current number of photos that are on the SD card. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve synced but it makes no difference. Always seems to be missing one.
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    How to splice several video shots

    Adobe premium will do 4K
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    New Mavic Pilot

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    Albany Troy NY area

    Cool thanks. I have flown from the back parking lot of the Marriott courtyard in Troy, tight along the Hudson.
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    Albany Troy NY area

    Any interesting areas in the Albany Troy NY area that have views of the Hudson River and/or trains?
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    Albany / Capital District / Upstate New York

    Does anyone know If Maalwyck park is restricted to local Rc. Any other good spots to view canal and/or trains?
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    iPads...I know nothing

    You need to make sure the iPad supports iOS 10 and higher.
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    Just a heads up for future 107 exam takers...

    Passed with 82%, agreed more charts than I thought but glad I pulled through. Local test site proctors were great!
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    Hi from Canandaigua, NY

    Hello from the Finger Lakes! Just got a Mavic 2 Zoom, I also have a Spark. Also just passed my FAA 107. looking to expand into my business and fun too!