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Recent content by wingsabr

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    Some questions before buying the M2P

    I had a cheap $50 drone that I used for a few months to practice. What I learned is they are fun, crash easy, and learning to fly manually is important. I recently picked up a Mavic 2 Zoom and love it!! I started with beginner mode for a few flights practicing squares and figure 8's. (Pro tip -...
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    Disconnecting the controller from charging the phone ??

    There a setting in the app to stop the charging
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    Florida Pilots - Hurricane Dorian

    I’m the mission critical eoc leader so headed to Greenville South Carolina (live in Ponte Vedra Beach). Looking forward to some new scenery. Be safe everyone!!
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    Quick and dirty lens calibration for darktable (Stills only)

    Anyone? Found this issue today
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    Hi from North Florida

    Thanks everyone!!
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    Hi from North Florida

    I live in Ponte Vedra if any of you all ever want to meet up and fly (Class G airspace baby!!)
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    Hi from North Florida

    Thank you!!
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    Hi from North Florida

    Checking in from Ponte Vedra. Just got my first drone, Mavic Zoom 2 Zoom with the fly more kit. A lot to learn and still flying in beginner mode.