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Recent content by Zem

  1. Zem

    Lake Weatherford Texas Mavi pro down.

    Anyone near here have a flat bottom john boat or flying rig for retrieving a mavic pro? Asking for a friend.
  2. Zem

    DJI Mavic Pro STEALTH Propellers - Master Airscrew Upgrade Premium Pack x4

    I received a set of white and black mas props. They move freely and arent tight due to any manufacturing errors. I still manually unfold them just because the props are wider than stock. The drone seems much more stable in hover "think locked in place", has a bit more climb speed in regular...
  3. Zem

    Electronics and Build Quality

    Since both are flying bricks here is the delima. 2018 version perceived to be newer but has shorter wiring to motors has been reworked and supposibly gimbal was repaired. 2017 version factory length motor wiring and original internal quality. The camera gimbal ribbon I repaired with after...
  4. Zem

    Electronics and Build Quality

    Strange let me get a photo of the 2017 version to post it appears this one had quite a bit more than just a gimbal repair in its past. They both fly but the wiring on the 2017 model is factory since the ends are not burnt and the motor wiring is less stretched. I am trying to determin which is...
  5. Zem

    Electronics and Build Quality

    The 2018 was a dji refreshed version but supposibly just for gimbal error. The 2017 had a gimbal error also but its internals look better abd I felt it flew better in some way so it makes me feel as if the newer repaired version is not the same quality.
  6. Zem

    Electronics and Build Quality

    I looked at the wiring and solder to the ESC's on a 2017 model mavic pro and a 2018 version. There was a visual difference in the wiring length type of glue used to secure the wiring from vibrtions and quality of the wiring at the soldered areas (jacket being burnt a bit etc.) The newer model...