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Recent content by zenfly 2

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    Any place in Melbourne fl to fly our drones?

    Never used it but I just checked and it's even more open..I trust the airmap not that and I was asking for answers like does anyone fly there? not questions..thanks.
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    Any place in Melbourne fl to fly our drones?

    I was talking about 404 Pineda Causeway over the bridges all the way to the west end past 95 .. It's wide open out there and AirMap shows 400ft on the edge there then wide open fields. https://app.airmap.io/geo?28.192497,-80.710761,15.828930z
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    DJI BRAND New Mavic 2 Pro replacement drone only EBAY seller

    I bought a Fender Strat on ebay that was misrepresented and got a letter from`a dealer that it was counterfeit and got a full refund from paypal. Never had to return the guitar and gave it to a neighborhood kid.It was all after mkt parts.. I bought my Referb Spark from an ebay dealer and my MA...
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    Maximum range

    There are miles of videos on youtube..
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    Any place in Melbourne fl to fly our drones?

    It's been a while here ..I was just noticing on the Google map where 404 by Patrick AFB goes all the way west to a dead end past 95.. Looks wide open out there and clear on the AirMap.
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    Flying over schools when no one is there?

    There are 40 answers above me here and I din't read any...Every school where I live is a no fly on the AirMap and I don't go near them... THE END
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    Flying past a ship’s bridge, got me reported

    You sound like you're dumb as a box of rocks.. Maybe not, just sounds like it.. Many asked questions you preferred to not answer because there is no good answer but there is a reason here it's getting harder for all of us.
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    Mavic Air batteries

  9. Z

    4K with 1080 ?

    Thanks, I wasn't sure.
  10. Z

    4K with 1080 ?

    Can you mix 4K with 1080 on the same memory card? thanks
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    Tablet for a monitor

    I couldn't find a single report with anyone unhappy with an ipad4 so I bought one.
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    Tablet for a monitor

    What he said.
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    Maximum range

    You tube is full of answers.. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=search_videos&search_query=Maximum+range+mavic+air&search_sort=relevance&search_category=0&page=
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    Fast Driver

    I'll wait in the car.
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    Move to trash missing

    Thank you SoccerRef12 on the Spark forum told me there is a lock switch on the side of the SD card adapter that got switched that I didn't even know was there.