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3d mapping

  1. N

    [Mapping] Why would you use a single grid mapping plan vs a double grid mapping plan?

    I just had a question about mapping and different uses i'm sure the answer is common sense however I wanted to be sure. Why would you use a single grid "Lawn Mower" style vs a Double Grid "Checkers board" style What does each provide that the other wouldn't? What is the pros and cons of...
  2. The realdazzler

    Share your best vertical drone photos

    Use this thread to share your best vertical drone photos If you're like me, you got into drones for their mapping capabilities and for their ability to give 'a bird's eye view'.
  3. I

    Mavic Air: 3D mapping

    Hello Mavic Pilots! Any idea for 3D mapping using a mavic air? Special thanks in advance for your help!
  4. paulbeumer

    Amsterdam, Dutch, flyer checking in

    Dutch rookie pilot checking in. Hi all, living in Amsterdam and enjoying the new perspectives of flying. Everytime i'm makeing pictures or video of the surroundings during my training flight i'm amazed by the beauty. The forum,a huge resource for do's and don'ts guided me on my first steps...
  5. J

    Cheapest 3d Mapping Software

    I know the new model of software is per month fees. Pix4D and DroneDeploy and others are all over this. I hate it. I understand it. Is there a less expensive way to do 3d mapping? For someone who would like to get started these monthly prices are out of reach. Thoughts?