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4k playback

  1. S

    MA Playback extremely choppy.

    Good day folks! I hope all is well with you fellow pilots. [edit] Skip to the issue two paragraphs below as i have droned on.... a bit too much. Yes I am a newbie, but loving the experience. I have been quite a droniac recently, even forgetting my other hobbies and aspirations! I began being...
  2. S

    Cheap 4K playback device

    Just a heads-up on a cheap option for playing back raw 4K files straight from the Mavic ....... I've seen a few threads...
  3. Mavic_Ward

    Choppy 4K video - sample file included

    It might be the older machines that I have, but I can't be sure. All of the computers I've used to playback my 4K videos just can't do it. The playback is terribly choppy. I'm not sure if it's the video file or the computers I've tried to use. Could someone with a fast computer please download...
  4. M

    Black frames in 4K video file

    I was having trouble with iMovie (latest version) where I kept getting a export failure 10008. Searching through the net, I found that the export function will fail if the video has a bad frame in it. After going through my recent footage, I found a few... 1 or 2 in every video shot. I was...
  5. R

    Video Playback on 4K Samsung tv

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and am looking for some advice/recommendations for playing Mavic 4k videos to a Samsung 4k tv. The tv has a USB 3.0 port, however looking into the specs, only reads at a 40 mbs speed. If that is true, will my videos appear choppy/stutter upon playback? If...