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4k to iphone

  1. jtcfilms

    Best Settings Uploading Video to Instagram - Quality Loss

    Hey all, I've been uploading a lot of Mavic videos to my Instagram and I cannot get them to upload in good quality for the life of me! More detail below, but everything looks great when I watch back on my laptop and even after airdropping to my phone, but then when I upload to Instagram kiss the...
  2. J

    How do I export 4K video from DJI GO 4 to IOS camera Roll

    I have an IPhone 6s and I've exported a 32 sec. 4K video from Mavic to the DJI Go4 album using the app. How did I get 4K video onto my iPhone Camera Roll? There seems to be 2 ways to export the video to camera roll but neither method works. 1. Open the video and then click the export icon to...
  3. Matthew Kort

    4k to iphone..

    Hey guys please excuse me if this has been talked about.. Flew today with 4k and couldnt save to my iphone (7+), so hooked up the mavic to the laptop (macbook pro) and saved the file to the laptop. Upon syncing the footage to my phone via itunes(dji mavic folder) it saved pics but not the...