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4k video

  1. WerePig

    Day trip in the Sierra Nevada

    Just a little day run up the hill to one of our favorite spots. Got some practice in, lining up shots and all. I still need lots of practice working all of my fingers at once. It's like directing an orchestra in the sky. Thanks for checking it out.
  2. RonanCork

    4k video snapshot v actual photo

    Hey Guys, Using my Mavic Air - I recently shot some footage of a castle (4k - 24fps or 3fps). I also took a load of photos too (with the recommended settings from online posts, i.e shoot in raw, use AEB, etc). When I loaded the photos into Lightroom and did some editing (I'm a beginner-ish at...
  3. heo3480

    Flying Copenhagen Harbour 4K

    4K Footage from Copenhagen Harbour recorded with Mavic 2 Pro
  4. Adirondack Autumn: The forest in full bloom

    Adirondack Autumn: The forest in full bloom

    Fall colors in the Adirondack Mountains in 4K.....
  5. J

    First Litchi flight (Mavic Air, 4K)

    that was pretty nerve-wrecking - MA lost contact after roughly a minute, wasn't sure if it was still alive until it returned 14min later :eek: Litchi flight log ends after a minute as well, don't know what went wrong. Anyway, the video was uninterrupted. Still got a lot to learn with Litchi...
  6. D

    Video display

    I've done three flights on my first new drone. Everything works as advertised so far, but I don't feel I have good control through the DJI GO app. Reason is an unacceptable delay between the time the drone moves, and the time I see the action on the screen. Also, the video frequently freezes for...
  7. _InTheFeels_

    SAN JUAN ISLAND, WA | Looking for video critiques

    Hi everyone! I just picked up my drone last week and tested it out in beautify Garrison Bay on San Juan Island, Washington. The weather was just fantastic and I flew around trying to capture some of the good times we had. More videos to come if you like! I'm still learning and would really...
  8. Z

    Breathtaking 4K Ultra HD DJI Mavic Drone Shell Beach

    Stunning shots over the ocean and of the cliffs and caves in Shell Beach, California. Sights include Pirates Cove, The Cliffs and Avila Beach in the distance. Let me know what you think and if you like it please subscribe. There should be plenty more to come.
  9. Some of my first test shots with the DJI Mavic Pro (4k D-Log minor editing)

    Some of my first test shots with the DJI Mavic Pro (4k D-Log minor editing)

    I'm pretty impressed so far with my new toy the DJI Mavic Pro. Its so fun to fly and it shoots some pretty great footage. Sometimes I still wish I had an Inspire but honestly this little guy is making me forget I even wanted one. Thanks for watching; Hope you enjoyed it and please I'd love your i
  10. Bintryin

    Glenroy Crossing Australia 4K Cinamatic

  11. Fedya

    Moscow modern. 4K

  12. k idea

    Grindelwald - Swiss Snow Capped Alps

    My poor Mavic couldn't handle the wind in high altitudes in the mountains so I could only manage to capture the quiet town of Grindelwald. Enjoy!
  13. k idea

    Awesome Amalfi Coast in Italy!

    Enjoy the video! Scenes of Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi.
  14. Majk88

    Push The Limits - Motocycle video in 4K

    HEY guys i just uploaded new video to my channel.....i need guys your feedback. For the firts time i recorded quick object as a motocycle. Ofc. if you like it so i will be happy for every like and every new subs.... :) Thanks
  15. Majk88

    Ratíškovice - Czech Republic - South Moravia

    Hey guys i am from Czech Republic and from lovely villace Ratíškovice. Here is my video about this village :) What do you think ? by the way ... i will be very happy for every new SUBSCRIBER :)
  16. Oyibo VFX

    4K CallOuts

    Hello, Just editing a small movie from the local community here (will post that on YouTube later) and wanted to add some CallOuts (people using FCPX or Premiere knows what that is) and noticed that the CallOut app I bought for a previous project from Pixel Film Studios doesn't work with 4K...
  17. Mavic_Ward

    I need a new computer for this 4K footage!

    I'm in need of a new photo and video editing machine. Does anyone know if applications such as Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements support and take advantage of CrossFireX graphics cards. The new machine I'm looking at has the following specs: Intel Core i5 6th Gen 6600K (3.50...
  18. D

    First 4k flight -27ºC - glitches in video

    Merry Christmas everyone! First flight with the mavic today. -27ºC here. Here's the video: I put the drone outside and had it acclimatize to the cold, while keeping battery warm inside. The gimbal was excellent in the cold, no vibrations but there is some glitching in the video every once in...