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aerial photography

  1. CanyonRunVideos

    Water Tower Plaza at Twilight

    Water Tower Plaza at Twilight Gilbert, Arizona Mavic Pro FC220 ISO 100, 4/5 sec. f/2.2 4.7mm RAW
  2. dkhullinger

    Hello! I am from Utah

    I found this website trying to learn new things. I'm new to flying. I have a Mavic Air. YouTube Follow Utah
  3. alifeofimages

    New Mavic 2 pro

    Morning everyone, Santa came early and I found a brand new Mavic 2 Pro combo under the tree (don’t tell the wife Santa she will go potty!!) Thanks for upgrading my Mavic Pro Platinum much appreciated Santa. Currently running through all set up menus (You Tube is my friend). Just registered drone...
  4. Sunshine Skyway Bridge Aerial Shot

    Sunshine Skyway Bridge Aerial Shot

    Aerial Shot of the Massive Skyway Bride in the Horizon! Stay Connected: https://www.facebook.com/Matt-Paul-Aerial-Photographer-2543515392333246
  5. Aerial Shot of American Flags

    Aerial Shot of American Flags

    God Bless America! Equip Used: Mavic Pro PolarPro CL Filter lens
  6. Aerial Shot of Belleair Beach, FL

    Aerial Shot of Belleair Beach, FL

    Equip Used: Mavic Pro FreeWell ND8 Filter
  7. John Pass Marina Fly Over

    John Pass Marina Fly Over

    I took this Aerial shot looking out into our beautiful Gulf Of Mexico on Madeira Beach, FL!
  8. John Pass Marina

    John Pass Marina

    Madeira Beach, FL
  9. Tom Stuart Causeway

    Tom Stuart Causeway

    Madeira Beach, FL
  10. CanyonRunVideos

    Mavic Pro photos from Lake Don Pedro in La Grange, CA

    Mavic Pro aerial photos from Lake Don Pedro in La Grange, CA on July 4, 2018.
  11. CanyonRunVideos

    Mavic Pro photos from the Downtown District of Gilbert, AZ

    After having dinner at Joe's REAL BBQ in Gilbert, AZ a few weeks ago I put the Mavic Pro into the air to take a few shots of the classic downtown water tower just after dusk.
  12. KangaAir

    Mavic Air - Lau Chai Valley Exposé, Vietnam - Sport Mode!

    Sharing some additional scenery swoops in Vietnam captured using sport mode. Continue to be impressed by the quality build of this little bird and the camera. Cheers! KangaAir
  13. Aloha_MavicPro

    New meetup group - Peel DJI Drone Pilot and Flights

    This is one new meetup group in Ontario Peel region. Look up on google. It has a Facebook page as well.
  14. F

    Old Aerial Photographer Learning A New Way

    I have been doing aerial photography from airplanes for quite a few years. I am older now and no longer maintain my pilot certificate, so drones (particularly FPV drones) are what I plan to use to satisfy my hobby. I did not grow up in the computer generation and do not understand how to do...
  15. OmniDrone Aerial

    Mysterious underwater creature caught on drone video - what is it???

    Hey guys, was reviewing footage when I spotted this 'thing' swimming across the river. So I made a little video in hopes that someone might be able to tell what it is - cuz I sure as heck don't know!
  16. AirVūz

    AirVūz Chats With Dirk Dallas aka "Dirka"

    Check out the latest episode of The Drone Dish, as AirVūz host Tyler Mason catches up with one of the most well know drone pilots on the internet, Dirk Dallas aka "Dirka." Dirka, who also runs the insta account fromwhereidrone, has over 400k followers between his accounts. Many interested in his...
  17. M

    New MavicPro Owner from San Jose CA.

    Hi everyone, While I am doing some research about the Dji Mavic Pro I came across on this thread and never hesitate to sign up and get connected to the other drone pilots. I am very excited to get some footage with my mavic pro and already planned what and where to shoot for my content. and...
  18. R

    Mavic Pro time-lapse tricks

    Here'a promotion using traditional aerials and time-lapse aerials to promote the use of drones at our television news station. Most of the time-laspe shots are created from DNG stills. Since the Mavic will only do interval photos every 10 sec, I have been manually finger tapping the shutter...
  19. BlazeAir

    Mavic Visits Duluth Sundew Ship

    A DJI Mavic shot I took of a docked USCGC Sundew ship up in Duluth, MN. The 180-foot commissioned vessel was originally launched on February 8, 1944 and decommissioned on May 27, 2004. After that it was a "museum ship" for 5 years until sold to a private party. Here is the shot: Duluth Sundew...
  20. patelravi

    Aerial shots of Burlington beach