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after effects

  1. RonanCork

    Golf club video with dynamic overlay markers showing distances

    Hey Guys, I'd recently posted about Golf Course flyovers but this question is slightly tangential to it I'm looking to do something like in this YouTube video - see about 10 seconds into the video. As you can see there are dynamic overlays appearing to show the user the distances from tee to...
  2. Henchula

    Mini 3 Nature vs Concrete video

    Hey people, Here's some footage I shot with the mini 3 pro, edited together and added some tracked text into it. Have a great day!
  3. M

    Drone Lapse - automated image alignment software?

    Hi All! I’ve been using Litchi with my MavicPro to shoot my house renovation over the last 14 months. Litchi has made this process very simple, with set waypoints to shoot the progression from 7 different angles throughout the seasons (snow, spring, etc). Prior to each flight I’ve calibrated the...
  4. johngilkey

    Content aware fill in After Effects

    If you edit your drone video in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and have After Effects, be sure and do the latest update! it adds content aware fill to video in After Effects. Check out this video for a quick look:
  5. eutx9795

    Small village of Villaflores at Spain

    Small village of Villaflores at drone eye's view A round hole in the facade of the main house of Villaflores betrays that time has stopped. There is no longer the clock, because someone has stolen it, as there is no bell in the small church whose doors are forced and receive the visitor to show...
  6. S

    My first experience with Neat Video

    Hey all, I've owned a Mavic for a couple weeks and haven't gotten to fly it nearly as much as I'd like...but isn't that always the case? Anywho this is a quick edit of my flight from yesterday (there's no sound or music). Here's the details: Shot in Cinema 4K 24fps at ISO100 with an ND8...