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aircraft motor overload

  1. nom3d

    Aircraft Motor Overload - Fix myself or send to DJI?

    I purchased a Mavic on eBay May 7th 2017. Received it May 12th 2017. I did not purchase DJI Care, refresh or any extended warranty. I have never crashed the mavic and always kept it safe in a case. I have probably flown the mavic 20 times since purchase. On June 21st 2017 I went to fly the mavic...
  2. C

    Any Mavic owner in the North East England??

    Hi, I have a Mavic which I bought for my honeymoon and the 'aircraft motor overload' issue has raised its ugly head. I will never get it back in time so I was hoping to pay someone to borrow one for a week for a payment and also I would leave a nice deposit too to ensure I'm genuine. I am so...