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"aircraft motor overloaded

  1. 0

    What is wrong

    So flew my mavic about 7 times Had it in my back pack and i think gimbel got knocked as i didbt hsve protection on it. I get gimbel overload. Wont calibrate passed 31% And it makes this knocking noise see video Video Im yet to replace the ribbon cable
  2. L

    Dji Mavic 2 Zoom Gimbal Broken

    Hi All! New to the group and unfortunately I come bearing bad news. I was pushing my luck with my dji zoom and now I have a warning saying “gimball motor load to large” and “gimball obstructed”. The gimball almost rotates a full 360 but then stops on its final stages before being centre again...
  3. Kentster

    with Polar Pro Filters get "Aircraft motor overloaded, check whether gimbal clamp is removed"

    Just received my Polar Pro 3 pack filters, 8ND, 16ND and Polarizer. Put on 8 ND filter and fired up Mavic Pro which has been flying and videoing great up til now. Got error " Aircraft motor overloaded, check whether gimbal clamp is removed" Hmm. Powered down. took filter off. Powered up...