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  1. jelarv

    RC-Controller Downloading App

    I'm probably a complete idiot for asking this question, but I never use Android OS and have spent the past 45 minutes trying to install the Airdata UAV app on the new RC-Pro controller (I've had it on my Smart Controller for the past 18 months). After repeated dead ends, the best I can tell is...
  2. J

    AirData UAV Basics -- Newbie Questions

    Without actually trying it (so far), I'm having trouble understanding what this flight-analysis system actually is and how it's used. Sounds as though it's a "cloud" application that expects you to upload your flight data logs (securely, I hope!) and process them there. 1) Does it also provide...
  3. A

    FlyFreely vs Airdata UAV

    Hi, Just wondering whether anyone has done a comparison between these data management platforms? I have Airdata UAV which I am not really using, and a friend recommended FlyFreely. Tips? Thoughts? Preferences? Thanks
  4. R

    Airdata mystery flight record

    Hello fellow droners! i really hope someone can help with a problem I have had on several recent flights that I have tried to analyse with the Airdata app From my MAVIC MINI The flights as shown in Airdata just terminate randomly, and i have attached screen shots of one short flight as an...
  5. ChristophB

    Here’s how easily you could lose a Mavic Mini to wind over open waters

    Hopefully some can learn from my mistakes:
  6. TheoMatthias

    UPDATED: Airdata UAV Reports Battery Info Working with DJI Go 4 v.4.1.18 for iOS!

    I've been sidelined for the past month or so with medical issues. Before this happened, I know that my battery data stopped being read by Airdata UAV. Evidently, Airdata said it was an API (SDK) issue with the DJI Go 4 app. Does anyone know if the latest Go 4 version (4.1.17) has resolved this...